Want to meditate, but can’t? Watch this!

Discover and deal with the myths, misconceptions and self-deceptions that come between you and meditation

Dan Harris, a correspondent for ABC News, had a panic attack on live television. And that is what led him to discover and explore the power of mindfulness meditation. Based on his experiences with meditation, he wrote a book—a memoir, if you will—titled 10% Happier, which quickly became the #1 New York Times Bestseller.

In this video, Dan Harris addresses a key issue—that of people saying that would like to meditate but can’t. Together with his team, he conducted a study to find out why people who want to meditate but don’t actually do it—what’s preventing them? He discovered several myths and misconceptions that surround meditation; he also found that people engage in various self-deceptions regarding the practice of meditation.

Using self-deprecating humour and real-life stories, Dan presents useful insights about what happens when you meditate and how you can overcome the typical hurdles that prevent you from committing to a regular meditation practice.

About the speaker

Dan Harris is the co-anchor of ABC News’ “Nightline” and the weekend edition of “Good Morning America,”. After covering the religion beat for ABC News, he discovered meditation and wrote the bestselling book 10% Happier. He’s been evangelizing to skeptical, scientifically-minded folks ever since.


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