Vaginal Tightening Tips: What Actually Works!

woman jumping with happinessVaginal relaxation is common, in fact more normal than some may think. Most women refer to this condition as a loose vagina. This may not be an incorrect description if taken literally but what is really happening is the vaginal muscles are getting relaxed and not retaining their strength, thereby reducing the ability of a woman to control them and subsequently the form gets adversely affected. This is not very different from weakening muscles elsewhere in the human body. Elderly women have loose muscles in their arms and the appearance is worsened by sagging skin. Human skin and muscles would undergo substantial deterioration in due course of time. This is inevitable. However, what is evitable is premature vaginal relaxation, which is also extremely common.

A Brief Physiological Explanation of Vaginal Relaxation

Since your quest is to answer the question “how can I tighten my vagina?” find the best vaginal tightening tips, those that are safe, doable and effective, it is necessary to first understand what vaginal relaxation is, why it happens and how so you can be more informed while choosing the remedies. Vaginal relaxation is inversely proportionate to your lower abdominal strength. Women who have stronger core muscles and optimally functioning pelvic muscles would not have a loose vagina. They may experience temporary vaginal relaxation after pregnancy and childbirth but the vaginal muscles would rejuvenate in due course of time, thereby restoring the ability to flex the vaginal walls and labia. Even the skin may become saggy post pregnancy, especially for women choosing natural childbirth. Effective vaginal rejuvenation would also reverse the sagginess.

Physiology is at the crux of vaginal relaxation. Weaker pelvic floor, organs in the lower abdomen pushed further downward, damage caused to the muscles in the vagina and the skin outside, scarring of tissues and other health conditions such as urinary tract infection, incontinence and slight shifting of the position of the uterus can also cause or worsen vaginal relaxation. The lowering of the pelvic floor which is common in elderly women and those who have given birth to several kids is one of the universal causes of vaginal relaxation. It does not help that women tend to put on weight after childbirth and when they age.

Effective Vaginal Tightening Tips

Vaginoplasty is an option but we shall not list it as one of our vaginal tightening tips. Despite the fact that vaginoplasty does work in many cases, it is an invasive and unsafe procedure, it is expensive and many women suffer from various side effects that can never be recommended till such time there is enough proof of the odds being completely in control. Let us explore safe, affordable and effective vaginal tightening tips. Lose weight if you are obese or overweight. This is non-negotiable. Obesity may or may not be the actual cause of your vaginal relaxation. There can be other contributing or causal factors. However, if you are obese and you have a loose vagina, then you would struggle to tighten your vagina. Overweight women should also consider losing the excess fat, especially in their lower abdomen. Unlike men, women do not tend to put on too much weight in their upper abdomen, unless one is considerably obese. Many women have reasonably flat bellies but they have heavier hips, thighs and lower abdomen. Since core strength plays one of the key roles in vaginal tightening, losing weight is among the initial steps you must take. This is regardless of the other remedies you would endorse.

Weight loss should be complemented with improved strength in the pelvic muscles. Not every woman who loses weight will naturally have their pelvic floor restored to its rightful place or regain strength in the muscles in the core and downward. There are many types of exercises that would improve core and pelvic strength. Running or jogging, squatting and pushups can help. Yoga and Pilates can help too. Kegel exercises are among the most effective to improve your pelvic strength. The objective is to gain amazing control of the muscles in and around the lower abdomen. You must be able to feel the contractions and expansions. If you have weak muscles that are beyond your control then expansions and contractions, even if stimulated by an external factor would not be felt nearly as much and you will continue to have a relaxed vagina.

You can try vaginal tightening creams. There are some amazing organic creams made completely out of herbal extracts. These creams can soften the skin and improve its form. Sagginess, pigmentation and other skin problems can be dealt with if you choose creams that have collagen and hyaluronic acid among other useful ingredients. Some vaginal tightening creams are able to increase blood flow to the pubic area. This is crucial as an increased flow of blood will help with vaginal rejuvenation. Weakened and relaxed muscles gradually suffer because of poor blood circulation. The same is true for the skin. Some vaginal tightening creams would not only increase blood circulation but a few ingredients would actually seep through the pores of the skin and help the healing of scarred or inflamed tissues. Some creams can help with cellular and tissue regeneration.

Lifestyle, substance abuse, indulgences of various kinds, frequency of sex and other factors also contribute to vaginal relaxation. Women who have an active lifestyle, indulge in moderate alcohol consumption and do not smoke that often, stay away from extremely unhealthy diets and prioritize nutritious meals, have sex routinely but not in a manner that would lead to vaginal scarring and other physical injury, lose weight and take good care of their overall health will have faster vaginal rejuvenation.

It is also necessary to consider multiple vaginal tightening tips at the same time. Weight loss and improved pelvic stretch are interrelated. Vaginal tightening creams will be more effective when you have reduced excess fat in your pubic area and the skin is already on its path to be effectively restored. Combine the aforementioned vaginal tightening tips and you will experience the immediate and long term benefits.