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CW Research Team is led by the Editors of Complete Wellbeing Manoj Khatri and Dr Grazilia Almeida-Khatri and guided by an advisory panel of leading experts from around the world.

What can I do to prevent cramps?

Cramps are affecting my sleep...please advise

How to stop my sneeze bouts?

I tend to suffer from allergic rhinitis [hay fever] almost all through the year. It is annoying and a big nuisance.

Managing travel sickness

Is there a natural remedy for travel sickness?

Is there a “best” time to take supplements?

Is there a schedule to follow for taking supplements?

Vitamin C — Boost your immunity

A daily dose of vitamin C can help you stay well and keep a host of ailments at bay

Aphrodisiacs: Boost your intimacy

An active sex life fulfils your need for physical intensity and also enables you to share affection and intimacy

Soy protein — a powerful plant-based alternative

Soy, nature's power-house, has more to it than just "plant-energy" to shape good health

Spice Up Your Immunity

Simple kitchen herbs enhance your resistance to infection and illness