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CW Research Team is led by the Editors of Complete Wellbeing Manoj Khatri and Dr Grazilia Almeida-Khatri and guided by an advisory panel of leading experts from around the world.

Better posture

How can Yoga help me get a better posture?

Gene Prospects

It is possible to prevent cancer with new ammo

A powerhouse called chlorella

Chlorella is not just a much-sought-after wonder food, it is also a super-supplement

MRI Scan

How safe is an MRI scan?

How to Treat Acne?

Can long term acne be treated?

Watch your body, tune your mind

When you practice yoga in the open, or close to nature, delighting in its freshness, you add a new dimension to your mind-body-spirit quotient

Ginseng for health and happiness

Ginseng reduces stress, improves sexual performance, boosts energy levels, enhances memory, and stimulates the immune system

What can I do to prevent cramps?

Cramps are affecting my sleep...please advise

How to stop my sneeze bouts?

I tend to suffer from allergic rhinitis [hay fever] almost all through the year. It is annoying and a big nuisance.

Managing travel sickness

Is there a natural remedy for travel sickness?