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Team CW is the editorial team at Complete Wellbeing, led by the Editors Manoj Khatri and Dr Grazilia Almeida-Khatri and advised by a panel of leading experts from around the world.

Clove: A highly useful aromatic herb

Clove is an aromatic flower bud that is used for its distinctive flavour. It has a number of medicinal properties

Make Time for Hygiene

Finding time for hygiene, both on the personal and home front, requires a bit of commitment and planning

Body language: Tell me without saying it

What partners say to each other is important, but the communication without saying a word is what makes it magical

Pain in the elbow

Tennis elbow can be treated with simple measures such as ice bag, adequate rest and a slice of ginger

Holy Basil: Divine Cures

Holy basil is a much-revered herb. It also has substantial therapeutic uses

Preventing malaria

I am worried about the dreadful malarial bite. Please advise.

Green tea: For super health

Green tea has a host of health benefits - it improves longevity, prevents and eases anxiety, arthritic pain, heart and liver disease, cancer, and a host of other disorders

Enough vitamins?

How do I determine if I am having enough vitamins?

“Slipped” disk

How do I get relief from the pain of my herniated disk?

GARLIC: Kitchen Marvel

Our ancients used garlic to treat wounds, infections, tumours, and even intestinal affections, including parasitic infections. They also used it as a garnish - to purify blood and improve circulation