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Barton Goldsmith
Dr Barton Goldsmith, PhD, an award-winning and highly sought-after keynote speaker, business consultant and internationally syndicated author, has helped develop creative and balanced leadership in several Fortune 500 companies, educational institutions, and government organisations worldwide. He lives in California, USA.

Team Effort

It is important to let your team members know they are valued

Oh, that Creepy feeling!

Feeling anxious is part of daily life. A little bit of thinking can help defuse the feeling and bring balance

Is it difficult for you to say “I’m sorry”?

For some reason certain individuals refuse to say they are sorry for anything. It is as though they were giving up the deed to their house. I shake my head in disbelief that something so simple and so helpful to business relationships can be so underutilised

Harmony Rules

Why a proactive attitude works best to resolve conflicts before they reach the snapping point