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Take control of your thoughts

Why do my fears take control over my mind?

Get insured

Kindly advise on the medical insurance to take for me and my family

For a pimple-free face

Is there something natural that I can eat or use to clear my face of all the pimples and related scars?

Lose weight gradually

I am 30 years old, my height is 5ft 2 inches and my weight is 90kg

A mix of diet and exercise

Will following a sugar-free diet and doing the treadmill help me reduce weight?

All gas no gain

I have been eating dried walnut and almonds and sprouted seeds since the last 15 days

Can’t wait to lose weight

Does raw amla help reduce weight? How long will it take to show its effects?

Head & Shoulders, Parachute and Wills Lifestyle top brand survey

Complete Wellbeing magazine recently commissioned a pioneering survey to identify the role of brands in the two most important pursuits of a consumer’s life—health...

Manage acne with diet

What foods to avoid in an acne breakout?

Keeping your cool

Somehow the team finds newer ways of doing things incorrectly. Please tell me how I can keep my cool