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Rev. Dada J P Vaswani on Health and Happiness

Dada Vaswani shares his wisdom about long-lasting health and happiness

Fresh new philosophy

In this new age, scientific and psychological beliefs matter more than religious ones

Embrace misery

The moment you absorb misery, it is transformed

Don’t think, meditate

As we understand how to guide the mind, we can start our journey to achieving meditation - a zero thought state
Concept of an Earthquake—Natural Disaster

Spiritual lessons from a natural disaster

Every natural disaster teaches us spiritual lessons and makes us realise the value of life we live

This too shall pass

Time gives us room to move on, do other things, fill our mind with new thoughts, and thus realise that we can still experience happiness

We’re all Oneness

MANOJ Khatri met RASHA and got her to share some of the divine wisdom she received from "Oneness". Here are some excerpts

Love Beyond Lust

Developing consciousness in life and love is important as unconscious love is only lust

Aging + Awareness = Maturity

Age alone does not give you maturity. It is aging and experiencing events with awareness that leads to maturity

ABC of Life

ABC of life brings expansion and a sense of belonging to creation, not to speak of commitment to human values