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Simple Rules

Pregnancy: An experience to cherish

Pregnancy is not only about the outcome, but also about the experience. Making healthy food choices and staying happy will help you enjoy the journey

Heart surgery basics

Heart surgeries are complex and critical. Here are some guidelines to help you understand their basis and pre-requisites

Tips to stay healthy these rains

Welcome the rains, not the diseases they bring. To stay healthy, watch what you eat and drink
Woman with medicine and tharma meter

Why self-medication is harmful

Taking a dose of your own medicine is not always a good idea. It can leave you with a bad stomach at the best and in an emergency ward at the worst

Blood donation: say it with blood

For the donor, blood donation is a harmless and simple procedure. For the recipient, it's a gift of life


Everyday sounds like a horn or a loud ringtone can harm your ears. Some sound habits to help you protect your sense of hearing

Tired? Try this

Make these simple things a part of your schedule to beat stress and fatigue
Well designed house

Energise your living spaces

Make the chi in and around your home and office work for you. Bring in health, wealth and happiness with Feng Shui

Declutter your life

A little bit of planning will help you get rid of clutter, disorder and confusion from your life

10 non-secrets to happiness

10 simple tips to keep the sunshine in your life