Self-help Clinic

Self-help Clinic

Self-love: young happy woman hugging herself

4 wonderfully simple ways to increase self-love

Want to know the secret to health, happiness and peace? It is to love yourself unconditionally
Holding a banner saying 'I am [Not] Sorry'

Do NOT be sorry for doing these 3 things

The next time you are about to say sorry, ask yourself if you mean it and whether you really need to say it
The judgement trap

The judgement trap

Judging others keeps us at a distance from people. It affects our ability to build and keep friendships, maintain close relationships with our children and to become intimate with a romantic partner. But you can overcome this harmful tendency
Psychiatrist Judson Brewer on breaking a bad habitvideo

Break your bad habits with this simple trick

Psychiatrist Judson Brewer reveals a simple yet highly effective way to overcome your bad habits
Man critcising himself

Stop attacking yourself with self-criticism

There is no need to tear yourselves apart in an effort to be your best

What really matters at the end of life

Listen to a palliative care physician as he discusses the difficult subject of death and meaning

How to avoid becoming a victim of trolls

Raychelle Cassada Lohman tells you why some people enjoy trolling online and how you can avoid falling prey to them

Mood is your choice

How to find lasting happiness by choosing your emotional response to any event

May 2016 issue: Shedding shyness

In this issue, Michal Stawicki tells you how he overcame his shyness and changed his life for the better. Using his own example, he offers three easy steps that will make you more confident and socially comfortable.

Coping with disappointment: Face it, feel it, free it

To cope with disappointment, you must first accept how you feel


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