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Doctor with patient, Indian

Let’s rebuild our trust in the patient-doctor relationship

We have moved on from the all-in-one lifelong family doctor to a market full of options. But without trust, you can't take the doctor-patient relationship too far
Victorious man reaching finishing line; executive

There’s still time to fulfill your New Year’s resolutions

Though we’re nearing the end of the year, it’s not over yet; you still have time to achieve those resolutions you had made at the start of this year
Switchwords are modern mantras that can help you transform your life

Switchwords: Modern mantras that can help you transform your life

Words have the potential to transform your life. Using switchwords you can quickly dissolve negativity, find lost things or make small and big changes to your life
Pearl in a shell on sands

The world is waiting for your gift

Everyone is born with a gift, and an obligation to share it with the world
Happy woman on the beach / play concept

It pays to play (and it costs dearly not to)

All work and no play makes one dull. But, really, what does it mean to "play"?
Senior couple watching sunset / life after retirement

How to make the most of your life post retirement

With longer lifespans, today life begins after retirement and yet almost all retirement plans start and end at financial preparedness, giving little, if any, attention to the your social and emotional readiness
Man lost in thoughts: suffering from codependancy

Trying too hard to be loved by your partner? May be it’s codependency

Here is a 6-step approach to evict yourself from the dangers of codependency in relationships
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How Family Constellations can help you heal your life

Explore this therapeutic approach that draws on the effects of your family relationships on your life situation
A family constellation session in progress

Family Constellation: A therapist’s perspective

A family constellation trainer shares her experience of facilitating a session
Happy woman stretching hands out against sea

10 ways to honour yourself

Use these strategies to show yourself some love and to free up your energy so that you can focus on what’s really important