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Live the life you always wanted

You can live the life you always wanted.

Act with Confidence

Have faith in yourself. It helps you go through your actions and on to successful completion of goals

Talk Things Over

So, you've thought and thought, but have only reached the dead end? It's time you talked!

Practical detachment

Fringe benefits are gains that accrue from remaining somewhat detached in our lives, and not by living on the edge

Tired of your cravings? Halt the Urge!

When you train yourself to do away with cravings, you ring-in good health
How emotions make us sick

How Emotions Make Us Sick

You are your own best friend and your worst enemy

Want to lose weight? Patience is the key

Wish to lose weight in a jiffy? Think before you get into action
Removing failure from blackboard with the duster to move towards success

How to avoid Failure of Success

Failure of Success seems like a contradiction. It happens when leaders and workers channel all of their energies into one or two areas of life and starve other key areas of life
Woman writing in her diary / journaling

Healing power of journaling

Writing down one's thoughts and feelings can be therapeutic. Words are powerful tools to self-discovery, healing and empowerment

Labours of Love: The Magic of Doing What You Love

It takes a few small steps to take a giant leap in the direction of your passion


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