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Make Time for Self

If you think it is important and you plan for it, you will find time for yourself, in spite of a busy schedule.

Energy of Life

All you need is resolute enthusiasm to make the most of life

Persevere, Don’t Resign

Not giving up in the face of difficulties is what makes all the difference

Be Flexible, Avoid Conflict

When you are open and flexible, you discover unforeseen avenues to avoid conflict
Adnan Sami

Adnan Sami on weight loss: If I can do it, anyone can

In a candid conversation with Manoj Khatri, Adnan Sami reveals what he lost and what he gained in his life-changing experience

Live the life you always wanted

You can live the life you always wanted.

Talk Things Over

So, you've thought and thought, but have only reached the dead end? It's time you talked!

Practical detachment

Fringe benefits are gains that accrue from remaining somewhat detached in our lives, and not by living on the edge

Tired of your cravings? Halt the Urge!

When you train yourself to do away with cravings, you ring-in good health
How emotions make us sick

How emotions make us sick and how counselling can help

You are your own best friend and your worst enemy