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Never Give Up

Success is not about avoiding failure — it's about conquering it

New Year Resolution: Audit Your Life

Set aside time in December for auditing. This involves gentleness to yourself and others, in a spirit of honesty. Out of this understanding comes wisdom, and the path to greater fulfilment

Manoeuvre your moods

Our moods determine our response towards events in our life. Understanding our moods, and learning how to manage them is, therefore, critical. Some practical mood management tips
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3 Steps to a Better You

Understand objectively what your strengths and weaknesses are, address them without negativity, and have a concrete plan to become what you want to be

Make Time for Relationships

Making time for family and friends takes some earnest efforts and understanding your responsibility towards them

Make Time for Self

If you think it is important and you plan for it, you will find time for yourself, in spite of a busy schedule.
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Live in the present

In our frenetic pace of life today, we seem to be unsatisfied with the time we have, and are always looking for ways to get more from life
Man using his power for self discipline

Power of Discipline

What enables self-disciplined people to persevere and overcome obstacles and setbacks that "trap" the less disciplined and less committed?

Energy of Life

All you need is resolute enthusiasm to make the most of life

Persevere, Don’t Resign

Not giving up in the face of difficulties is what makes all the difference