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Body Image: Self esteem is key

Lack of self-esteem, due to a negative body-image, can adversely affect a relationship

Get more out of your time

You will never "find" time for anything. If you want time, you must make it

Heal with books

Reading not only empowers your health and personality, but is also entertaining and rejuvenating

Drop ego, pick up bliss

If you want to be blissful, then you must transcend your ego

Dance your blues away

Get your dancing shoes on. Dancing is a psychological therapy that provides a great mind-body workout

Stay active to beat stress

Physical activity in any form, like a relaxing walk, yoga, jogging or T'ai chi, helps to relieve stress
Courage of a rock climber

It takes courage to triumph

Courage is in each one of us. But we realise that only when we get the opportunity to test it
Depressed Girl

Raising one’s emotional threshold

Anger, sorrow, depression and such negative emotions occur to some people at the drop of a hat because their emotional thresholds are low

Transcend Resistance

You will always encounter opposition from mediocre people when you try to do something different

Home Sweet Home

Creating healthy living spaces that promote wellness is about making positive lifestyle choices, avoiding the assault of chemical toxins, and incorporating the healing force of nature into our daily lives.