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Mind Over Matter

Flashes of Insanity

Among the many things we keep piling up in our daily fast-forward lives, we include stress and tension too. Let go of it before it turns disastrous

Understanding mind-body relationship

Even if you have a fit body, mental afflictions will make the body sick. Hence mental peace is critical to overall wellbeing

"Hope" can make things happen.

Not losing heart and being positive may be the last resort in an extremely adverse situation. But hope can make things happen
Woman breaking a chain with her hands / concept of detachment

Enjoy, don’t Fixate: Why detachment is your best bet for happiness and peace

Replacing attachment with detachment helps you lead a happier and more fulfilled life

Forgive for a happy and healthy life

It is one of the most difficult of human abilities to master. Yet, forgiveness is a prerequisite for a happy and healthy life
Admire, don't imitate

Admire, don’t imitate

Be original, be yourself. Admiring your heroes is all right as long as you don't imitate them blindly
Colourful graphic depicting celebration of love with couple leaping towards heart symbol

Is it love or obsession?

Let's find out how to differentiate between authentic love and deceptive feelings that are only masquerading as love

Observe, don’t judge

Why judgments are often subjective, not objective.
Sad woman hugging pillow | emotional pain

Pain: A blessing, not a curse

We usually think of pain as a negative phenomenon. But, pain, whether physical or emotional, is indispensable to the process of healing

Tolerate, Don’t Suppress

Emotions, if not expressed from time to time, lead to suppression. This can affect our health, directly and indirectly


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