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Yoga for Diabetics

Yoga is useful in managing your blood sugar levels
Little boy doing yoga on a mat

Yoga for Kids

Yoga can be a fun way for your kids' physical fitness and self-awareness
Tree pose or Vrikshana | yoga

Ashtanga Explained

Yoga is not just exercise; it is the deep well of pure, unlimited joy
Silhouette of a woman doing yoga outdoors at dawn

A Prelude to Ashtanga

Ashtanga yoga helps us lead a purposeful life
Pregnant lady on yoga mat

Yoga for the expectant mom

The correct practice of yoga is more than useful during pregnancy
Business executive doing Yoga on his office desk

Yoga for Busy Folks

All you need is just 30 minutes of your day to calm your mind, balance your body, and enlighten your being through yoga
Woman doing Anulom Vilom (Alternate Nostril Breathing) Pranayama | Yoga

Yoga for relieving stress

Yoga combines several stress management techniques such as breathing and meditation, apart from yogasanas, to manage stress
Pretty woman doing yoga in the park

Watch your body, tune your mind

When you practice yoga in the open, or close to nature, delighting in its freshness, you add a new dimension to your mind-body-spirit quotient
woman in Virasana or Hero yoga pose outdoors

Yoga: A Fine Balance

Why yoga is not just about the body but can help you transform your entire life and achieve success in every area