Tips for Going Places in Monsoon & Not Getting Sick

The child in one wakes up when it sees the rains. Who doesn’t want to get drenched in the showers? A few would say no because they fear falling ill. How about staying fit as a fiddle even after you enjoy the rains? You don’t have to put in too much of efforts to cherish the raindrops. Even if you are not the one who would love to throw away the umbrellas, chances of catching a cold and flu are higher in the monsoons. Find ways to keep them off.

Eat Right

Rains, street food, and hot fritters are a good combo for the taste buds and not for your health. So, it is time to take control of your taste buds. Appease your taste buds with spicy soups rather than fried foods. Light foods are generally suitable for the monsoons. Your digestive system loves to take an off, now and then. Sadly, it gets less time to take rest. Consider pampering your digestive system by consuming light and easy to digest foods.

Boost Your Immunity

The weather and climatic condition should never be a problem if your immune system is equipped to protect you. Eat fruits and vegetables that help in augmenting the immune power. Seasonal fruits and veggies are the best choices. Apples, pomegranates, bitter gourd can help in keeping you fit. Include pepper in your foods to stay off from cold and flu.

Shop Wisely

Avoid precut fruits and vegetables. They might have microbes grown already and can pass on to you. Also, wash the fruits and veggies thoroughly when you bring them home. Consider the surroundings of the grocer. Stagnant water or too many flies are a huge red flag. The chances of getting infected are higher in such an environment. Always cook the veggies thoroughly before eating. If your hotel serves too much salads, choose a different cuisine.

Stop Being Lazy

The toughest thing to do during monsoons is to wake up early. Curling under the sheets is a more tempting option. But, if you want to stay healthy, forfeit some sleep and devote time for workouts. Engage in any physical activity or exercise for 30 minutes a day. It keeps you sturdy. You can walk around the places you stay or try to hit the gym in the hotel you are stay at.

A way to cheer up and gear up for the busy day is to stay in tune with nature. Ensure that you get cleared off all the mess once you are back. Use anti-bacterial products to clean yourself. If you are all for herbal products, plenty of choices are available to ensure you stay hygienic. You need to pack them when you decide to travel in the monsoon.

Ensure that you dry yourself completely after getting drenched. Carry an extra set of dress for your sightseeing. Pack additional dresses that can dry easily.

Don’t Forget the Mosquitoes

Those mini flying squads are part and parcel of monsoon. Use repellents that fit your needs and preferences to stay clear of them. Herbal repellents, coils, essential oils, home remedies and lot more can help you keep off malaria and dengue. Close the doors and windows to ban their entry.

Stay Hydrated

It is quite common to feel less thirsty in the monsoons. But, your body needs water, and you would be frequently urinating too. Take lots of water and fluids. Take soups to ensure fluid intake is adequate. Carry your own bottle of water or choose from clean sources.

Take Good Care of Your Children

Children need additional care. Ensure cold foods, ice creams and toffees are consumed very less, if not cut down. Even in case of mild cold or milder symptoms of flu, take them to the doctor immediately. Make a list of doctors around the place you visit. Your place of stay can offer enough information on this.

Have Medical Insurance in Place

When you embark on a vacation, you make preparations to ensure that your journey will be safe and fun. An important aspect of this preparation process is obtaining best medical insurance. Medical insurance will aid you if some unforeseen illness or injury occurs on vacation.Typically, best medical insurance provides coverage for emergency medical care, expenses for prescription drugs, medical care in case of accidents, medical cost and hospitalisation, surgery etc.

Your rainy days can be full of fond memories if you aren’t lethargic about personal hygiene and health. A bit of care helps a lot.