Surprising Things Your Kids’ Want to Do When They Grow Up & The Reality

father talking to son, failureAll of us are aware of the usual career options including medicine, engineering, IT, media and  teaching. But besides these career options, the world has witnessed people making off-beat career choices, which we have not even heard of. Some people out of their passion and interest end up choosing career options that are hard to imagine. And the best part is that for adopting these unique careers, different institutes and universities run programs that promote students to enter into such domains. It might be a surprising thing to see your kids dreaming of doing something exciting and different when they grow up:

Pet Grooming

You would be surprised to know that love for animals can lead to a full-time competitive career called pet grooming. It deals with taking care of the hygiene and appearance of pets. Right from taking care of the bathing and doing all the things to take care of their health issues, the pet groomer remains well informed about animals. One could work on part-time or full-time basis in this domain.

Tea Tasting

This career is perfectly suited for someone who loves tea. In fact, what could be better than enjoying your cup of tea and getting paid to do it? The professional working in this domain is called a tea sommelier, and it can be a high paying career choice. Roles of a tea sommelier include- to taste the tea, share advice, do branding of the group and have a good knowledge of tea cultivation and manufacturing. Several institutes offer Tea Management courses today.


One of the unique careers to choose includes puppeting, which is the oldest form of entertainment. However, it is much more than simply learning how to play the puppets. It is one of the basic medium of education in many of the institutes and schools that use puppets for teaching various topics. Stage shows and performances have brought puppetry to the spotlight. In order to revive this art and keep it alive, several institutes and universities offer different educational programs based on puppeting. These include Certificate Course in Puppetry from Mumbai University, while Calcutta Puppet Theatre is embarking upon a Puppet Academy soon to offer different courses covering diverse aspects of theoretical and practical learning.

Habitat Policy and Practice

If your child loves to talk about the habitat-related issues then a background of Architecture, Geography, Social Science, Law and even Engineering can help him/her enter into this course. This course deals with exploring the livelihood activities along with the social composition and studying infrastructure and resources. One can pursue an MA or MSc in Habitat Policy and Practice at the Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS).

Museology/Museum Studies

Having an interest in museums can lead your kids to this career wherein they can explore and study the role of museums. With this, they get an edge about managing museums and museum collections. As this program is related to Archaeology, your kids must have keen interest in history and culture to take up this profession. So, if your child has an intriguing mind, he/she can think of entering into this career.

Similarly, there are other unique and unheard career options including gerontology-which includes studying the social, psychological and biological aspects of ageing, photonics- which is a combination of electronics and technology, spa management, ethical hacking, public health entomology, food flavorist / flavour chemist etc.

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