Summer Abroad? Make the Most of It!

Ah, summer…college is out, the weather is awesome, and for the next three months, it feels like the whole world is going to fall at your feet! What is even more exciting, you’ve made a decision to set off to a study-abroad adventure. You have already picked the most suitable program, you’ve already imagined yourself drinking wine and enjoying blue cheese in Paris or glorious pasta carbonara in Roma. It seems like everything is happening at once and, like most summer breaks, it is going to start and end in a flash. So, the question is – how can college students make the most of the summer abroad? We’ve got some hot tips for you to avail of.

Enjoy Weekend Trips

Especially if you’ll happen to be in Europe, benefit from the opportunity to visit the other countries and plan the weekend trips. A lot of students in Germany, Belgium, and many other interesting places recommend exploring Venice, Budapest or Brussels every weekend. Try and see what destinations you most want to visit before you book the tickets.

Use the Homework Time to See the Sights Your Host City

Ah, right. The “study” part of your summer abroad. The bad news is that there will always be some home assignments to deal with between adventures. If you’ve got a really heavy homework week, ensure to approach online sources to get a college paper for sale. Just provide a quick message like “Please, write my essay for me!” and go exploring your host city while a qualified writer will be handling your academic work. There’s no need to just stay in the dorm! Instead, enjoy the opportunities out there – see the local cafés, parks, museums and the rest of the neighborhood-like places to feel like a local.

Be a “Yes” Student to New Opportunities & Invitations

One of the distinctive factors between studying in a foreign country and just traveling is the so-called group aspect. Without a doubt, there will be the other college students in your program to go out and travel on weekends with. If you can’t boast of having many acquaintances, exert every effort to put yourself out there and make new friends.

More likely than not, you’ll go into the program blind without knowing anyone. However, you can consider it as a part of your never-to-be-forgotten adventure. Soon you’re going to realize that it’s all about people, who make your summer abroad experience so special.

To add more, a lot of academic programs will provide you with the so-called pre-planned group trips for the students like you to benefit from. It means that you won’t have to deal with the planning part and together with that will be provided with an opportunity to create new friendships in your program.

In other words, open up to the brand-new experiences, invitations, and opportunities, even if the questions are about a quick stroll in the city center.

Make sure to become a part of the host culture. Find out the routes preferred by the locals, practice the language skills as well as check out all the best cafés and restaurants to get a real taste of what a typical weekend is like in your summer home. Do not be afraid to leave your comfort zone! The point is that interacting with the local culture is the best way to become a part of the crowd no matter how different it seems to be at first sight.

Many college students, who have been in your shoes, recommend studying in the local coffee shops, as well as going out to explore nightlife since you don’t know if you’ll ever be provided with a chance to live abroad. Approach locals for recommendations if you want to discover awe-inspiring views and amazing cuisine.

Snap a couple of photos, enjoy some selfies, but then stash iPhone away and look up. There are so many wonderful opportunities and views around out there! Your flight back will be there before you can even think of.