Are you suffering from cellulite? Don’t worry! Here’s the solution

Are you suffering from cellulite?Don't worry- Here's the solutionSo, what if you have cellulites? Haven’t you already learned? More than 90 per cent of all women are affected by cellulites some place in their bodies at varying degrees. Even Kim Kardashian admits to having cellulites. She was once quoted as saying, “I have cellulite. So what! I’ve never claimed to be perfect. It’s crazy anyone should assume that just because you’re in the spotlight, you’re flawless.” Nicely said, Kim!

Why Shouldn’t You Have Cellulites?

The biggest cause of fuzzing over cellulites and being left to feel depressed about its cottage cheese appearance that women can’t seem to get rid of in spite of persistent weight loss attempts is ignorance.  Rather than preoccupying yourself immediately with Best Cellulite Cream options, here are top three facts about cellulites that you have probably never heard of before:

Fact No. 1: The root causes of cellulites are unknown.

You are not alone to think that poor diet, lack of exercise and a generally unhealthy lifestyle is the major culprit for developing cellulites.  These factors may be considered contributory, that is, these can help either improve or worsen how your cellulites appear but, these aren’t the root causes.

Fact No. 2: Women are at higher risk of getting cellulites than men.

Some studies have shown that estrogen increases a woman’s affinity to fat while men’s higher testosterone levels enhances their affinity to muscle, including more muscle to burn fat. Something that we have seen on Gorgeous girl. It’s unfair but that’s how both sexes evolved. Apparently, women need more fats for child bearing and child rearing

Fact No. 3: Cellulites are caused by two physiological conditions happening underneath the surface of your skin.

Setting aside questions on the origins of cellulites, at least skincare science has made known that cellulites are caused by tough skin fibers that pull your skin’s surface inward, causing dimples on your skin, and by hardened fat trapped by skin fibers which push against your skin surfaces, causing some areas of your skin to bulge.

How To Take Control Of Your Persistent Cellulite Problem

Who doesn’t want their cellulites begone? We all do. All we’re saying is that if you feel fine and okay wearing your cellulites then, there is absolutely no reason why you should allow yourself to be forced by your peers or by advertising to do something about that cottage cheese skin. Anyhow, it never hurts to know what options you got. Here are your top choices:

  1. For immediate cellulite improvement. Go for self-tanners. These creams absolutely do not need you to bask under the sun for hours. Whereas Cosmelan is ideal to lighten your blemishes, tanning is beneficial to hide your cellulites. Darker skin makes your skin appear thicker and more even toned.
    If you haven’t been keeping abreast of the latest news in skincare science, you would have missed the buzz in recent years about non-surgical options for cellulite removal. You should check out Cellulaze, Cellfina, Body FX and Endermologie. All of which are approved by the US Food and Drug Administration for cellulite improvements, and all involve tackling the two physiological causes of cellulites: skin fibers and the hardened fats it has trapped.
  1. For longer-term improvement. You can always rely on good old healthy lifestyle to improve the appearance of your cellulites. However, keep in mind that even if you vowed to be physically active 24/7 for the next 365 days, your cellulites will stay where it is, probably much less noticeable with smaller amount of fat.
    To help speed up your body toning results, combine your regular workouts with skin firming creams. There are a number of products out in the market that actually help make your skin appear tauter, the most effective ones being those that contain retinols and caffeine.  While you’re at it, drive your cellulite removal routines a notch higher with weight training exercises but also, with regular massaging of affected area.  You can use a skin roller or a brush to achieve slimmer skin with less noticeable cellulites.

You should make nutritional adjustments to your diet too for faster results.  You know, even when you opt to avail of any cellulite removal procedures, you still will eventually have to go for longer-term options to help you maintain the improvements.


 Worrying about cellulites is a thing of the past. Women now generally accept each other’s imperfections so you should start living with yours too. If not, then at least now you know, there are real treatment options that you can consider.