What sports provide the best exercise for the body?

Do you know what is great for the body? Regular physical activity. Exercise helps you control your weight, strengthens your heart, and improves your mental health. Are you getting enough exercise? Perhaps you aren’t.  You’ve concluded that you don’t need to work out. After all, you’re not overweight. Even if you’re naturally thin and have a great metabolism, you still have to do physical activity. Playing a sport should be your new work out. In case you didn’t know, individuals who play sports are healthier. Before you start a new sport, you should take the time to figure out what the best choice is. Not all recreational activities are equal. So, which ones offer the best exercise for your body? Continue reading to get the answer. These are the healthiest sports around.


squashIf you haven’t been living under a rock, then you certainly know what squash is. It’s that game that is played within a small sport and that involves the use of racquets. You can play doubles, but it’s equally possible to play the indoor racquet sport with dozens of people. Squash provides overall exercise for the entire body, targeting multiple muscle groups. The most important muscles used when playing this sport are the muscles of the shoulder girdle, pectorals, muscles of the upper legs and hips, quadriceps, deltoids, gluteals, muscles of the forearm and upper arm, triceps, and wrist flexors. If you’re looking for an excellent form of exercise, stop searching because squash is the winner. Squash has been officially recognised as the top health and fitness sport. By whom? By Forbes, of course.

 In what follows, we’ll take a closer look at the benefits of playing squash:

  • Better hand-eye coordination – generally, racquet sports develop hand-eye coordination. Not only do you have to see the ball coming towards you, but also strike with all your power. When the opponent hits the ball against the wall, it bounces back immediately, so you have only seconds to revert.
  • Making you quicker on your toes – there are certain movement patterns. When you play squash, you spin, leap, jump, bend, sprint, and much more. Many people find it difficult to play the game because it’s necessary to time the movements. As a squash player, you need to be agile. With time, you learn to move faster and you’re able to maintain your equilibrium on the court.
  • Improving your focus – physical activity is linked to improved concentration. When playing an indoor racquet sport, you need to be present. Practically, you focus all your attention on the tiny ball. And follow the cues. If you don’t train your mind, it’ll be hard for you to follow what is happening during the game.


swimmingSwimming is good workout. However, everyone knows that. A swim burns 500 calories, not to mention that it’s great exercise for the entire body. When you make your way through the water, you make use of core abdominal and lower back muscles, deltoid and shoulder muscles, upper back muscles, gluts, and hamstring muscles. Swimming is one of the few sports that doesn’t do damage to the body, so you might want to consider it. Swimmers are strong athletes and they practice countless hours per week. This is what you should be doing as well. You’ve swam as a kid and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t submerge yourself into water now.In addition to being one of the best athletic activities in the world, swimming is incredibly healthy.

Swimming is absolutely awesome because it:

  1. Has a positive effect on the cardiovascular system. Swimming makes your heart and lungs strong. If you have reason to be concerned about your heart, then take a dip. You won’t develop a stroke, coronary heart disease or even high blood pressure.
  2. Is right for all people. No matter if you’ve suffered an injury or you have arthritis, you can get into the water. Actually, research has proved that some illnesses can be improved after engaging in swimming.
  3. Successfully eliminates stress. Swimming can work wonders for your stress levels. Sure, it’s not like yoga, yet yoga allows you to focus your attention on something other than what is bothering you. If you’re ever under pressure, go dive into the water.

Do you know what is even better than swimming? Swimming against the current. Instead of swimming in an ordinary pool, you should rather swim in a swim spa. Having a swim spa is like having a swimming pool and hot tub, all at once. If you live in a place where it’s sunny all year long and have enough space in the backyard, you should consider investing in a swim spa.


tennisTennis is a sport that incorporates high intensity training. By high intensity training, it’s understood cardiovascular exercises. Practically, you need to spend a lot of time on the treadmill and do intense running. Tennis helps you maintain fitness, agility, and strength. Muscles engaged while playing tennis are trunk muscles, lower-body muscles, and upper-body muscles. We’re talking about every muscle in the human body. One hour of striking the ball helps you burn 600 calories. Do you still think that tennis isn’t good exercise?

Playing tennis has many advantages, such as:

  • Improving metabolic function – the sport is so intense that you have to use all your energy. The average intensity of the metabolism is 0,14 kcal per minute. As for the oxygen uptake, it ranges between 60 and 70%.
  • Lowering body fat – there is no reason why you should carry body fat. Playing tennis will help you get rid of that excess fat. This doesn’t mean that you have to exercise all day long. Tennis can help you lose fat from the belly, but don’t wear yourself out.
  • Brain development – playing tennis develops connections in the mind. The tactical side of the game is the most important one. You have to reach the ball and learn how to respond to various situations.