The Simplest Dieting Tips

I once read in a book that breaking down the word ‘die-t’ will show you the reason your body starts to act up when it is mentioned. To be fair, there’s some truth to it.

The minute you set your mind to a diet date, your body tries to store up for the winter, simultaneously working on your self-esteem – ‘you’re already losing enough weight, your navy pants are so free now’ or ‘your cheeks look too sunken, you don’t have to kill yourself’.

These diets need to be done though, not just for the sake of losing weight, but to control and police our diets every now and then. So how do you get from the planning stage of dieting to the completion stage, seeing as a lot of us stop somewhere right after the planning stage?

Be honest with yourself

A clever mind once said ‘the worst kind of deception is self-deception’. Now it’s just you in your mind. Why do you want to diet? Weight loss, a healthier body, some skin therapy, it is the trendy thing to do? Are you ready to sacrifice your current eating habits for new ones? Are you ready to stick to your diet plan even in the company of friends?

You see, once you know exactly why you’re dieting – which to be honest doesn’t have to be some earth shattering wakeup call- it’ll be easier to chart your path and tailor your plans.

Choose a diet that suits you

There are so many diets out there, good ones at that; fruit diets, protein packed plant diets, protein (animal) diets, water diets, no carbs diets, you know the list is enormous. Have you considered that there are so many and that not every one of them is for you?

I’m not saying you shouldn’t challenge yourself, but if you don’t like to eat vegetables at all, it’ll probably be better to avoid an all veggie diet and do something that isn’t completely veggie based.

Small steps and then giant strides

Starting a diet with too much steam can have you gasping for air before you properly get into it. You don’t have to suddenly start a two-month diet. You could start with short term diet goals; three days, one week, two weeks and to up as you go, all the while trying out different types of diets, picking some, and making mental notes of which to never ever try again!

Get partners if you can

Shared motivation is great tool for dieting. Yes, it’s nice when you can diet along with your friends. No, they don’t have to be your diet partners. You can join a group or club in your area. Amazingly with social media and all other technological advancements, you don’t even have to ‘know’ your partners. You could have diet partners in other parts of the world and enjoy your diet all the same.

Set goals for yourself

It is helpful to set and write down your diet goals and plan; how long you want to go, how you want to get it done, how to make up for weak moments, how to compensate yourself for crossing mental finish lines and so on. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to have certain bullet points on your fridge, wall or phone to remind you of what you want and how well you’re doing. ‘In sight; in mind’.

Breathe, soldier on, breathe

Remember that your body is already in panic mode because of this ‘die-t’. Go easy on yourself. I am not saying do not apply discipline or military style strategy. I am saying if you find yourself without explanation gulping down a very cold can of coke, finish your coke (enjoy the moment, you’re going to pay) while doing a mental calculation on how you’re going to make up for that moment of weakness. And don’t stop at calculating, do it!