blankWe spend most of our time at home. Keeping your home healthy not only enhances your health, but it also makes you more comfortable and enjoys the space you live.

There are various ways of improving the conditions of our homes to enhance our complete wellbeing.

Avoid the use of chemical-based products

Researchers have found pesticides and chemical-based cleaners to be carcinogenic. They affect your health gradually without your knowledge, and with time it becomes a severe health problem that could lead to premature death.

Doctors recommend using natural cleaning agents like vinegar, lemon, and baking soda that are natural. For pesticide control, hiring professional pesticide control experts who know how to deal with the chemicals is the best way to go about it. It will make you less susceptible to environmentally based infections.

Good lighting

Controlling lighting in your home will play a key role in keeping you healthy. Poor lighting causes eye vision problems and disrupts sleeping patterns, which affects your mental health.

Wearing an eye mask while sleeping and wearing shades when you are outdoors during the day when the sun is bright will help block away light from your eyes.

Plant a kitchen garden

Nowadays, almost every home has a backyard space for a kitchen garden thanks to real estate home developers such as movoto. Organic foods are the best for our bodies. Start a small garden and cultivate your foods like vegetables, healthy fruit, and herbs. You will have continuous access to fresh foods that are free of refrigeration.

It will save you from eating processed foods and also save you a dime in the future. Eating natural foods is healthy for our bodies and helps combat illnesses.

Having a kitchen garden will also improve your home landscape; thus, you and your family will have an attractive environment.

Improve your landscape design

There is nothing more fulfilling than a home environment that is beautiful and tranquil. Utilize different ways of landscaping to make your yard more green and nature friendly.

Planting flowers helps reduce carbon dioxide levels in the air; thus, your home will have clean and fresh air.

Experts say that indoor plants and roots help absorb toxic vapor from inside tightly sealed buildings. Incorporating nature into your home landscaping will not only give it an excellent aesthetic appearance, but it will also improve your health.

Removing shoes  before entering the house

Shoes carry dirt, dust, pesticides, chemicals, and all kinds of contamination. By entering in the house with them, you spread and leave trails of pollution on the floor. Shoe dust is an air pollutant, and by inhaling it, you will be more prone to respiratory infections.

With the case of kids, they touch surfaces all over the floor unknowingly, and they will not always wash their hands. It exposes them to high risks of stomach infections, allergies, and other health hazards.

Avoid indoor shoe wearing. It will save your health in surprisingly great ways without your knowledge.

Investing in air purifiers

Air pollution in our homes could be unknown because air pollutants are small particles not visible with the naked eye.

An air purifier filters the air in your home. Getting yourself one will purify the air in your home and mitigate the risks of contracting respiratory infections due to air pollution.

Say goodbye to candles

Candles are sweet-smelling and romantic. However, they are risky. A study by South Carolina State University shows that petroleum-based paraffin wax candles emit harmful chemicals that can lead to cancer, asthma, and allergies.

If you must use candles, adopt the use of soy candles that are vegetable-based and do not emit those chemicals.

Cleaning out your pantry frequently

Proper nutrition and health are intertwined. Cleaning out your pantry helps you remove expired food and junk if you are on a diet. Sometimes people get busy and forgetful, and you may find yourself eating without checking spoilage. If you clean your pantry and fridge often, you are more likely to avoid such inconveniences.

Water filtration

There are a couple of water filtration methods you can utilize like faucet and pitcher filters. Water contains contaminants like lead, chlorine, fluorides, and many more volatile organic compounds that cause adverse health effects.

If you drink water directly from the source, it is essential to install a water filtration method. It will help eliminate water contaminants that cause stomach infections like amoeba and dysentery.

Deal with mold before it grows

Molds grow because of moisture and poor ventilation. It can condense on the walls and eat up the surface of the drywall. So, check plumbing fixtures for leakages and ensure your bathroom and kitchen exhaust is functioning well.

Bottom Line

Your home is your haven. It is where you retreat after a long or busy day. Having an unkempt, dirty, and neglected house will have dire consequences on your health and family. We live in different spaces with different conditions, some of which we can control and some of which we can’t. But where we can, we should strive to make our homes a safe and healthy environment.