Signs that You Have to Limit Your Child’s Phone Use

blankIt’s understandable if you’re not like other parents who ban their kids entirely from using a phone. You know that it’s counterproductive if you prohibit the use of a phone altogether. However, at some point, you need to be rigid and limit your child’s phone use. You can’t continue doing the same thing if you see that the use of the device can harm your child in many ways.

Your child uses the phone longer each day

You allow your child to use the phone for an hour or two each day to look for informational articles or funny videos. You understand that your child needs these things. However, if you notice that time gradually increases, you have to do something about it. The request for a 5-minute extension could turn into 30 minutes and eventually an hour. You don’t want to reach a point when it’s too challenging for you to prevent your child from excessive phone use.

Your child begins to use the phone behind your back

When you already agreed with your child about a reasonable number of hours for using the mobile device, everyone needs to respect it. If you decide not to use the phone in bed, your child has to agree to it. If you notice that your child secretly uses the phone in bed at night, it’s a reason to be alarmed. It means that your child can’t control the urge to use the phone anymore.

Social media became addictive

You understand the positive value of social media and how it’s popular among people of all ages. Scrolling information for a long time is alarming though. It’s even worse when your child starts to post photos and updates online. You don’t only have to limit the use of the device, but also teach about the responsible use of social media. Find a way to determine what your child places online by also educating yourself in using social media.

School performance declines

You need to heed the alarm when you notice that your child’s performance at school declines because of mobile devices. It means that your child is prioritizing phone use over their studies. After you find out about this, you have to talk to your child. You can’t let it continue since it might impact learning progression. You also have to talk to the teachers to help you in ensuring that even at school, your child remains responsible when using the mobile device.

Once you see these signs, you have to talk to your child and prevent this problem from continuing. It doesn’t mean that you have to take the device away. It could strain your relationship. However, you need to have a conversation and set new rules for using the phone. You also have to discuss the adverse effects of overexposure to radiation. Consider getting EMF protection and explain to your child its importance in blocking radiation. You can be a progressive parent but still remain responsible.