Signs that you need to eliminate sugar from your diet

sugarWhen it comes to enlisting foods that are bad for our health, there is so much said about unhealthy fats, processed foods, alcohol and smoking. But so little spoken about the one ingredient that sneaks into all our food items. We’re talking about sugar. The amount of sugar an adult or child is consuming in today’s times is way above the permissible limit. Even people who think they are on healthy diets and have oats or cereal for breakfast end up eating too much sugar. That’s because they do not consider the sugar that is added to the so called ‘healthy’ packaged foods.

Sugar addiction is a real thing and not just something in your mind. To prove this to yourself you can try an experiment. If you have been regularly consuming sugar, simply try to go off sugar for three days. You will notice that your body will resist with withdrawal symptoms such as severe headaches, energy slumps, extreme sleepiness, nausea and even lethargy. That’s why we all need to keep our sugar consumption to a minimum or even totally eliminate it.

If you have any of the below mentioned signs, you need a sugar detox.

You have uncontrollable and unusual food cravings

You may have just finished a full meal and 10 minutes later find yourself craving for more food. Or you wake up from deep slumber and head straight to the kitchen, because you’re craving something like a pastry or many slices of bread to satisfy your hunger.

You have energy dips

You’re eating enough food but still find yourself lacking energy. Cravings and energy lacks often go hand-in-hand. When we eat or drink something sugary, our body responds by telling the pancreas to release insulin. This allows the sugar to be taken out of the bloodstream and into our organs. However excess sugar causes this pathway to slow down and hence you will feel an energy slump.

You have frequent mood swings

Not all causes of mood swings are diet related. However, if you consume excess of sugar or caffeine, they could be the reason for your mood swings. Reduce or eliminate your caffeine and added sugar intake if you’re seeking to create a more balanced mood.

If you have any of these above symptoms you need to seriously eliminate sugar completely from your diet and you could even seek expert help for the same.