Secrets to Keeping Your Sex Life Exciting

Whether you love it on a Saturday night, enjoy yours with a bit of romance thrown in or prefer it fast and furious on the kitchen table, sex is a staple part of most healthy relationships.

So, how do you keep your sex life on the up? When you have been together for a while things can get a little predictable and sex can suffer. Life gets in the way and you might find yourself discussing how to pay off the mortgage over dinner, rather than making eyes suggestively at one another over the table. The secret is to keep things fresh, don’t treat sex like just another chore on your “to-do” list, give it some thought, make your partner feel special and enjoy it.

Schedule in “Us” Time

Fitting everything in can be tricky and it’s not so much fun if you have to schedule your sex life. Start by making sure you have some alone time with your partner. Go on a date, talk to one another (we know it’s hard but try and put away the mobiles, the world won’t stop if you don’t answer that text immediately). If you have kids, speak nicely to the grandparents and see if you can grab a night alone together.

Appreciate Your Partner

Let’s get soppy for a minute, when was the last time you told your partner how much you enjoyed spending time with them, or gave them a kiss simply because you love them? Taking each other for granted is a sure-fire way of dampening desire. There’s more to life than emptying the dishwasher and mowing the lawn. Appreciate your partner for who they are. Even if sex has gone off the boil a bit recently it’s not too late to get back in the saddle so to speak. Love your partner’s bum? Give it a playful squeeze and tell them!

Address Any Issues

Ok, before we get to the fun stuff lets tackle the serious stuff. Are there any problems that are hindering your sex life? Do you still enjoy sex? Does your partner have any problems getting and maintaining an erection? Erectile dysfunction is more common than you might think. If there’s something getting in the way of you having a mind-blowing sex life it’s time to address it. Impotency issues can be addressed by an expert and treatment is available (in the form of counselling or medication such as Cialis).

Be a Bit Naughty

Sex is meant to be fun. Don’t treat it like it’s something you owe your partner! If you’ve lost that loving feeling it might be time to add a bit of spice. Send your partner a racy text (make sure you get the right number), leave a cheeky note in his pocket or ring him up and tell him exactly what you are going to do to him next time you see him.

Dress It Up

Do you make enough effort for one another? Getting dressed up for your partner (for a date or a sexy night in) doesn’t necessarily mean old-school stockings and suspenders! Men can do sexy too (though stockings and suspenders might be pushing it)! Pamper yourselves, ladies – have your hair nails done and your hair too. Splash out on some sexy undies and treat yourself to a pair of high heels (not necessarily essential for sex but we like any excuse for a new pair of shoes)! Men can take a shower and trim beards, splash on some sultry aftershave and iron a shirt. New undies for men are pretty hot too – a nice new pair of Calvin Kleinscan go a long way!

Who Do You Think You Are?

Role-play can go further than a sexy secretary and a powerful boss (but that can be fun despite the rather cheesy plot). Why not share your fantasies with your partner? Write down three things each that you would like to do or try. These could be things you have done before and enjoyed or brand-new things that you fancy having a go at. Agree to be honest, if you’ve been hankering for a spanking since watching 50 Shades now is the time to say so! Be careful how far you go, though, a threesome might sound fun on paper but feel different when you’re sharing your partner with someone else!