Say Goodbye to Cellulite: Is Massage Therapy the Answer to Firm Skin?

say-goodbye-to-celluliteEvery woman, and some men, have cellulite. It’s natural, and has little to do with how much fat a person has. While cellulite is fat deposit just below the skin, women of every size, shape, and nearly every age have at least some amount of cellulite because fat on the body is an absolute requirement. However, some people want to reduce or “get rid of” their cellulite. It’s important to keep in mind that there’s no such thing as removing cellulite without a surgery, such as liposuction, that actually removes fat from the body.

However, there may be ways to reduce the appearance of cellulite. Even better, massage might be the answer you’re looking for.

Going Deep

Skin structures vary person to person. Everybody has unique skin structures, which is why everyone has unique distribution and amount of cellulite. Every person also has different amount of non-pliable and pliable tissue. Cellulite happens when fat deposits between the tissues in your body pucker up and are visible through the skin. Pliable skin reduces the odds of fat bulging and becoming visible. Non-pliable tissues are more rigid, and there’s a higher chance of visible fat bulging.

Cellulite visibility can also be exacerbated by poor diet, not enough exercise, and fluctuations in weight. However, it’s not caused by them. One of the most popular ways to treat cellulite and make it less visible is with deep tissue massage. Deep tissue is a technique used to treat a number of issues, and pinpoints the deepest muscle tissues. However, unlike pampering massages, deep tissue massage can be uncomfortable.

How It Works

There are many benefits to deep tissue massage besides cellulite treatment. It reduces muscle pain by maximizing blood flow. It helps encourage oxygen to cells and reduces inflammation. It can even lower blood pressure permanently with regular massages. Deep tissue massage releases serotonin in the body, which—even though the massage itself can be a bit uncomfortable—gives patients a relaxed, happy feeling.

Compared to other cellulite treatments, there’s concrete evidence that deep tissue massage is beneficial and it’s relatively affordable. It’s an all-natural approach and has proven so effective that it’s nicknamed “cellulite massage.” By encouraging blood flow to the cellulite areas, the fatty areas are manually “released” from their puckered up state. This, in turn, minimizes the odds of new cellulite pockets forming. As a bonus, deep tissue kickstarts the lymphatic system, which is responsible for releasing toxins and excess fluids from the body.

Many licensed massage therapists (LMTs) will use an organic oil during deep tissue massage, which boosts skin cell rejuvenation. Particular oils, like lavender, are scientifically proven to help with damaged cells while encourage collagen production. Using these oils will further reduce the appearance of cellulite. Practicing skin brushing, which is exactly what it sounds like, is another way of improving the appearance of skin and reducing cellulite visibility.

Complementing Cellulite Massage

Nothing can remove cellulite completely, but deep tissue massage makes big strides in improving appearance. Keeping skin moisturized with a collagen-infused lotion is a great way to reduce the visibility of cellulite. Moisturizing right after skin brushing is best. A popular option is cocoa butter, which is rich in Vitamin E and is proven to reduce the appearance of scars and prevent stretch marks, too.

Bronzed skin is less likely to show flaws, including cellulite. A natural bronzer, or a spray tan, can be a great way to hide imperfections and increase confidence. However, the best tool of all is keeping in mind that cellulite is normal and perfectly acceptable. Deep tissue massage is a fantastic way to help with cellulite while offering a host of additional benefits, but nothing compares to the beauty that comes with self-love and acceptance.

 Rachel O’Conner is a freelance content writer. She has written for a variety of different industries including business, healthcare, technology, travel, education, fashion and lifestyle. In her free time, Rachel enjoys practicing yoga and running along the beach in San Diego, California.