What can I do to prevent cramps?

Cramps are affecting my sleep...please advise

Q: I suffer from cramps in my legs. This often happens at night, and it disturbs my sleep. Please help.

A: Muscle movement in the legs is normally under our conscious control. Occasionally, however, a muscle — especially the calf muscle — may go into spasm of its own accord. This produces the discomfort we associate with cramps. Muscle function, as you may know, is to a certain extent dependent on the
level of certain minerals in the body — calcium, magnesium, and potassium. A deficiency of one or more of these nutrients can cause cramps, and other muscle symptoms such as twitching. The best thing for you to do is increase your consumption of foods that are rich in these nutrients [which are essential for muscle function].

Sesame seeds, sesame seed paste, and tinned fish, are good sources of calcium. Nuts, seafood, whole grains, and green leafy vegetables, are good sources of magnesium. Bananas and other fruits are rich in potassium. You may also, in addition, take 1,000 mg of calcium along with 500 mg of magnesium in capsule/tablet form, every day. Vitamin E [200 mg] is also equally useful.


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