Small changes, huge benefits

I am 21 years old and my weight is more than 130kg.

Q: I am 21 years old and my weight is more than 130kg. I have tried everything possible to lose weight, but nothing has worked. I am completely depressed. Once when I was walking on the street, I slipped and fell. I managed to get up on my own and saw that people around were laughing at me. I was extremely hurt by the incident. Can you please help me?

— Dhanashekar

A: I am sure it must be an emotional as well as physical challenge to live with excess weight. The good news is that you are determined to work towards betterment of your life. I suggest you consult a professional to begin with and rule out the possibility of any medical implications that could be the cause of your excess weight. Focus on eating small, frequent meals comprising foods that will nourish your body while aiding weight loss. I suggest that you also take advice from a qualified nutritionist. Choose an exercise form that you can sustain comfortably without causing undue damage to your joints. Walking, stationary cycling or swimming may be considered as options. These small changes will go a long way in improving your state of mind as well.

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