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I suffered a urinary tract infection and many herbal remedies are not found here in Kenya

Q: I suffered a urinary tract infection [UTI] attack and since then I suffer kidney and bladder pains. I would love to use herbal remedies but some herbs are not found here in Kenya. Kindly guide me on how I can use these remedies.

— Pauline

A: You can try simple herbal remedies like taking 1 – 3g powdered cinnamon, prepared by pounding a piece of the bark with a glass of water. Sandalwood also contains anti-infective and anti-bacterial properties and tends to cause a decrease in the existing pus cells in the urine. As a simple home remedy, I would suggest a decoction prepared by boiling sandalwood flakes or powder [about 3 – 5g]. Take it 3 or 4 times along with sugar or mishri [crystalline sugar] dissolved in the decoction. In case you can manage to get ayurvedic medicines in Kenya, you may take Chander Prabha vatti under your doctor’s guidance. Drink enough water if you suffer from recurrent infections.

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