Managing travel sickness

Is there a natural remedy for travel sickness?

Q: I am prone to travel sickness. I dread the very thought of air travel as I tend to get airsick. Is there something natural that can help control the problem?

A: Travel sickness is a common problem. It is suggested to occur due to the effect of movement and vibration on the organ responsible for balance in the inner ear. Most medications used for motion sickness have unwanted side-effects — drowsiness and dry mouth. Natural remedies offer effective relief without unpleasant side-effects. Ginger is a very effective remedy for travel sickness. You may slip a slice of fresh root ginger between your cheek and gum before you fly. If it is not convenient, take your ginger in the form of a tablet/capsule. The best time to take your tablet/capsule [500 mg] is half-an-hour before your travel. If you experience nausea, during your travel, you may take one more tablet/capsule [500 mg]. A study suggests that 90 per cent of individuals with travel sickness obtained excellent relief using ginger tablets before and during travel. Alternatively, you can also deal with motion sickness by stimulating a specific acupressure point in the wrist. Elasticated bands specifically designed for the purpose are available at select pharmacies.


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