Manage acne with diet

What foods to avoid in an acne breakout?

Q: I am 29 year-old female and have acne and black-heads problem. I also have acne marks on my skin after they burst. What diet should I follow to take care of this condition? Are there any foods that I should avoid? Please advise.

A: Researches have proven that acne result from several related factors like, heredity, use of greasy cosmetics, certain drugs [antibiotics] etc. But one of the important factors that can cause acne is an imbalance in diet. For example, eating refined carbohydrates or sugar leads to increase in insulin. This in turn leads to an excess secretion of androgens, which encourage the skin to excrete large amount sebum. This grease like substance encourages the growth of bacteria responsible for acne. There are certain foods that particularly aggravate acne. We don’t look after our diets, keep consuming these food, subjecting our skin to a lot of torture.

Here are some diet tips you can follow:

  • Try and avoid red meat. Substitute red meat with organic chicken or fish or a veggie mince.
  • Dairy products like buffalos milk, cheese, cream, butter also activate the oil glands. Instead consume soya or goat milk.
  • Ready or tinned meals available in the market are huge sinners. Instead try having, tinned fruits and vegetables that are preserved in there own juice.
  • Excess consumption of oily and spicy foods can also lead to acne. Try to have stir-fried, steamed boiled or raw veggies.
  • White bread and pasta are bad news. Have wheat bread, oats, and whole grain cereals instead.
  • Drinking at least 2-21/2 litres of water helps reduce acne by flushing toxins out of you body/system. And keeps your kidneys, liver, and bowls functioning effectively. Always remember a sluggish digestive system is often linked to acne.

These few modification will not only help you over come your acne problem but also keep you healthy for life.

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