Is there a “best” time to take supplements?

Is there a schedule to follow for taking supplements?

Q: I have always wondered if there’s a particular time of the day which is best suited to take my dietary tablets, or supplements. Please also let me know if it matters what I use to “wash them down?”

A: Well, there is no specific or recommended time to take your tablets, or supplements. However, if you are taking a number of them, it is best to space them out during the course of the day. It is, of course, better, nay important, to take supplements after a meal, because they will be best absorbed in combination with other foods and nutrients. It is often easy to wash them with water — or, a small amount of orange juice if you wish to have some fresh taste linger in your mouth for a while. Supplements — especially, anti-oxidants — work best when they are taken together.


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