I am a 31-year-old woman who is allergic to eggs

Is there any cure for my allergy?

Q: Every time I eat boiled eggs, my stomach hurts badly. However, as a child I didn’t have a problem eating them. I developed the allergy suddenly in my late teens. However, I can eat cakes with eggs. I miss eating eggs…is there any cure for my allergy?

— J Shivani via email

A: There is no complete cure for an allergy [I assume that since you are mentioning that it is an allergy and not food intolerance]. But since you have developed it suddenly, it is due to hormonal changes in the body and will also recede in some years. I feel that since you develop symptoms after eating improperly cooked egg, you might be sensitive to a particular ingredient in eggs that does not evaporate at low temperature cooking. That could be the reason why you do not show any symptoms when you eat baked items like cakes, since their preparation requires extreme temperatures.

I suggest you eliminate foods like boiled eggs, omelettes and French toast from your diet. Make sure that you have eggs only in their baked forms like cakes, croissants and buns. If you are worried about not getting enough protein, include high-protein foods like soy nuggets, sprouts, milk and milk products, nuts, chicken and fish in your diet. Also, if you can let me know the exact reactions that you develop, I will be able to find a cure to keep those in control.


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