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One of the best remedies for sunburn remains fresh aloe vera gel

Q: Any unique tip/s on healing sunburn?

A: Almost everyone has experienced the painful result of overexposure to the sun. You should always treat your skin with utmost care, but if you’ve already enjoyed the outdoors without thinking about your over-baked skin, there are certainly some measures you can take to cut the pain and speed healing.

While this is not groundbreaking advice, one of the best remedies for sunburn remains fresh aloe vera gel. The cooling, moisturising juice of the plant is most effective when taken fresh directly from the plant. If only bottled aloe vera is available, be sure you buy an organic variety that is 100 per cent pure. If the gel is blue, or green, it’s not pure; pure aloe vera is colourless, or slightly yellowish. Use anything else, and you’re adding chemical additives and colouring agents to your already damaged skin.

Get acquainted with tea tree or lavender essential oils. Both of these highly concentrated substances are safe to use undiluted on the skin and will take the sting out of a sunburn. Apply the oil to the affected areas with a cotton ball, making sure to avoid your eyes. Alternately, add either oil to some aloe vera, and apply liberally. Or, soak a clean cloth in cool water to which either oil has been added and then apply the cloth to the affected areas.

Finally, consult a trained homoeopath who can give you specific remedies to help bring down the symptoms. Cantharis is generally used for sunburn, but Belladonna and Causticum may also be appropriate for skin that is swollen, red, and blistered.

And, of course, drink plenty of pure, filtered water to help keep you cool from the inside and rehydrate the body.

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Ryan Harrison
Ryan N Harrison, a holistic health educator and consultant in private practice, holds a post-graduate degree in transpersonal psychology and certifications as nutritional consultant, holistic health practitioner, spiritual counsellor, quantum-touch practitioner; and advanced practitioner of EFT [Emotional Freedom Techniques]. He also teaches and lectures in online and traditional settings. He lives in California, USA.


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