For the vegetarian

Expert advice on what a balanced vegetarian diet is

Q: Please explain what makes a balanced vegetarian diet.

A: Eat at least 3 [small] meals, each day; the most ideal thing to do is — eat a variety of foods; take at least 4-5 servings of fruits and vegetables everyday; drink at least 10 glasses of water during the day; do not skip breakfast; do not take a second helping of your favourite dish/food; avoid the use of sugar, sweets, coffee, or caffeinated drinks, as far as possible.

Vegetarians need to incorporate a diet that suits one’s requirement best. It is ideal to supplement vegetarian diets with added helpings of food fortified with soybean, for example. You may also, with good effect, use vitamin and mineral pills, including supplements, in your diet. Speak to your nutritionist — for exact dosages. Remember — any disproportion in diet can lead to problems, such as imbalance in body tissues, growth and development, and brain and nervous system function. It can also lead to disorders of the bone, muscular and other systems. It would be most useful for us to get familiar with nutrition labels and ingredients of all the food we eat.


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