Body fat

How can I keep my body fat in check?

Q: How can I keep my body fat in check?

A: It’s easy, if you stick to a plan. Here goes —

  • Eat a diet low in fat and cholesterol
  • Eat a high-fibre diet. Add more whole grains, fruits and vegetables, instead of protein, fats, and sugar
  • Restrict, or avoid, salt [sodium] Choose sugar substitutes instead of sugar
  • Don’t miss, or skip, meals
  • Avoid sweets, and “yo-yo” diets, or crash dieting
  • Do aerobics, or yoga. Better, if you combine them with strength training. This will help you maintain, or gain, muscle mass and tone. Remember — if you don’t do exercise regularly, you lose about a kilogram of muscle each year
  • Incorporate at least 20 minutes of moderate-to-intense exercise, 4-5 days a week. Enhance the duration, if you wish to lose weight.
Ryan Harrison
Ryan N Harrison, a holistic health educator and consultant in private practice, holds a post-graduate degree in transpersonal psychology and certifications as nutritional consultant, holistic health practitioner, spiritual counsellor, quantum-touch practitioner; and advanced practitioner of EFT [Emotional Freedom Techniques]. He also teaches and lectures in online and traditional settings. He lives in California, USA.


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