Programmable steam oven, juicer, spice chocolates and more…

Wellbeing products launched in September 2012

blankElectrolux launches steam oven

Electrolux compact ovens use steam to preserve textures, flavours and vitamins.

Steam cooking is gaining popularity among health conscious people because it promises convenience, great results and health benefits.

This new oven combines steam, heat and grill functions to bring out the best taste in food. The combination of these functions helps keep food beautifully brown and moist without added fat, while preserving flavours, vitamins and minerals.

The oven’s food probe lets you know when the food is cooked without having to cut into it. A sound alert can also be activated to inform you when your food is ready.

The oven includes pre-programmed settings for cooking common dishes. All you have to do is tell the oven what you are cooking and how much the ingredients weigh. It will calculate the correct temperature, amount of steam and cooking time for you.

The appliance has 13 cooking functions for normal cooking, wet steam and hot air, plus steam for preparing a variety of foods.

The steam function also enables you to prepare an entire menu with different dishes, right from appetisers to dessert, all being cooked side by side, at the same time. Another feature that offers convenience and would be a huge time saver.

The process allows you to cook dishes with different cooking times together, because as soon as the food is saturated with steam it gets cooked and it stays ‘on hold’ while the rest of the food is cooked.

Up to 10 customised recipe programmes can be stored in the oven’s electronic memory.

Steam can also be used for reheating cold or frozen meals. The oven is a safe and easy-to-clean device since steam helps loosen grime, making it possible to effortlessly wipe it off.

Price: INR110,000

blankOster juicer

Jarden Consumer Solutions has introduced a new range of juicers in India under the brand name Oster.

The Oster juicer has an extra wide chute that fits whole fruits and vegetables such as apples and pears, making juicing quicker and easier. Obviously, only those fruits and vegetables that can be consumed with the peel can be used. It comes with a grey metallic finish with looks that compliment a modern home. Because it has 600 watts of power, it can extract more juice from even the hardest fruits and vegetables. The large capacity jar can hold up to a litre of juice at a time. This model [3168] comes with accessories such as stainless steel filter, safety locking arms and cleaning brush for quick, safe operations and it’s dishwasher-safe too.

Price: INR5,495

blankDivinite spice chocolates

Divinite has launched chocolates in spice flavours like chilli, ginger and cinnamon. These chocolates have all the ingredients painstakingly measured and mixed under the guidance and supervision of qualified patissiers from Le Cordon Bleu, Australia. The luxury chocolate brand has been launched in aid of Shramik Naari Sangh [Sa-Ni-Sa], an NGO that works for the upliftment of rural and less-privileged women. These are also available in customised packages for gifting.

Price: Starts at INR100

blankTitan ACE lenses

Titan Eye Plus unveiled its Titan ACE range of economy lenses to address price conscious consumers. Available across single vision, bifocal and progressive, these lenses are made of plastic material with scratch resistant and anti-reflective coating which minimise glare and provide 99 per cent clarity. All lenses come with a minimum warranty of six months.

Price: INR299 for a pair of single vision, INR850 for a pair of bifocals and INR1400 for a pair of progressives.


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