How not to lose your mind when you are on a diet on Easter holidays

Every time we are on a diet, we hope that we will endure it to the end and get the desired result. But there are holidays, parties, meet ups – and all of a sudden we notice ourselves eating up caloric and forbidden food. The whole diet comes to nothing, especially when it comes to celebrations attached to certain kind of food. We mean those like Thanksgiving with its pumpkin pie and turkey, Christmas with a gingerbread house, cakes, and lots of champagne, and, of course, Easter with its sweet bread, ham, lamb, and tons of eggs. Would you like to know how to control excessive eating, be on a diet during holidays and avoid holiday stress eating? The group of nutritionists and psychologists share some secrets:

Purpose and motivation

To create a clear purpose, psychologists advise to write down on a sheet of paper all the positive changes that you expect after losing weight. For instance, new beautiful clothes or the opportunity to rock a new swimsuit on a beach might work as priorities to keep fit. Hang a list on the fridge, which will be a reminder of your motivation and will help to keep your diet on track.


Ask your relatives and friends for support. Explain that it will be easier for you if the favourite buns disappear from home for a while. Talk to your friends, so they do not take offence at your refusal to try their branded roast. With such an incentive, you will definitely keep up your dieting during the holidays.

No strict limitations

“I was on a diet,and then I failed, my eating is out of control.” Sounds familiar? In most cases, this problem arises because we restrict ourselves to ordinary products. The constant feeling of hunger and the accumulated irritation will sooner or later lead to a breakdown. Therefore, the transition to a new food system should be smooth and gradual. If you notice the deterioration of wellbeing, the diet should be changed. Only in this way will you stop cheating during the diet and stick with it.

Diary of nutrition

Keeping a diary will make it easier to stay on a diet and not breakdown. Start a notebook or create an online diary of nutrition at and write in it all meals, the number of calories and fluids consumed, your current weight for each day, and the degree of physical activity. The maintenance of such records disciplines and helps to keep up an optimal diet. And even if you are off the diet for one day, it will be easier for you to return to it.

Useful habits

Aren’t you self-possessed enough to be on a diet? Are you constantly going through breakdowns and suffer from it? Hence, we must get used to healthy habits, which will help you tune in to the right way. Go shopping with a list of foods and always on a full stomach. Attend only those restaurants where there is a diet menu. Then the question “Why am I failing my diet?” will stop pestering you.

Healthy snacks

Most often we give in to our sweet cravings and break our diet. When we are hungry, usually we reach out for chocolate, candies or biscuits. Here lies the root of evil. Bananas, apples, dried fruits or home muesli are the only food what you need to satisfy the bouts of hunger. They contain treasured carbohydrates and a lot of nourishing fibre. So if you feel that the desire to eat something sweet is stronger than you, immediately substitute the harmful snacks with useful ones.

Healthy rewards

I failed my diet, and now I cannot get back to it.” Sounds familiar? Having dropped a few extra pounds, we paradoxically celebrate the victory with a symbolic piece of our favourite cake. And after such a reward it’s impossible to stop. Psychologists recommend indulging in inedible incentives: new clothes, accessories, jewellery or a trip to the spa. This will help not to breakdown the diet constantly and will charge you with positive emotions.


Sometimes the reason for putting on weight lies not in food, but in water. Drink at least 2 litres of water throughout the day. In addition have different teas and herbal infusions. Remember that freshly squeezed juices are considered a separate meal, and any alcohol adds calories and fuels appetite. So the chances of getting off the diet get bigger.