Natural Remedies for Post-Partum Depression

Single-Pregnant-Woman-nEvery mother is always ecstatic about meeting their newborn. You can’t wait to spend the first few days amazed by their beauty and how they finally came into this world. Unfortunately, the bells of happiness have to wait as post-partum depression kicks. For most mothers, the condition creeps in without them realizing and in most cases, it has to be diagnosed by a qualified medical professional.

The symptoms of Post-partum depression include excessive crying, severe mood swings, withdrawal from friends and family, difficulty sleeping, feeling worthless and guilty and in extreme cases, severe anxiety and panic attacks can also be experienced. While the condition is easy to diagnose, the treatment is a little more complicated. As a new mother, medication is the last thing you want. Luckily, there are natural ways you can use to help curb the effects of Post-partum depression and recover from it.

 Ask for help

The first few months with a baby are quite hectic. It can be difficult for you to get some sleep and most new mothers unanimously agree that the first couple of months are quite hard. Luckily, there are plenty of friends and family that come around to check on you and the baby. They will usually ask you to let them know if you need any help. It is an offer you should take seriously. People love babies especially when they are not theirs. They love rocking them and giggling at them and will readily take up the opportunity to spend some time with the newborn. Asking for a little help now and then will help you focus on yourself for some time and get some much-needed rest. It will also help you keep the feeling of being overwhelmed at bay even if it is for as little as one hour a day.

Get more sleep

With a newborn, this idea might not seem practical but now more than ever, your body and mind need more quality sleep. It might be difficult to find some time to sleep. The best approach is to sleep when the baby sleeps. It might be for just 20 minutes but this usually does a lot of good for you and helps you to better manage your anxiety and get better rest.

Take a walk

The walk will be even more beneficial if you live around a lot of nature. As long as the weather is nice and warm outside, take out the stroller and take a quick walk outside with your baby. It is a great way to get you outside the house and it is quite cheering. The change of scenery will also give you a break and let you see the other side of life more clearly while brightening your spirit and mood. It also happens to be a great time for you and your baby to soak in some much-needed sunlight.


It is important that you observe the six weeks recovery period before you can start exercising. Also, you can consult with the doctors at Medicine Direct to make sure it is safe for you to start working out. It might be difficult to find someone to watch your child as you work out so, the best alternative is usually to find routines that incorporate the baby. Anything that will get you moving and breaking a sweat will help you release the happy endorphins and help you feel like an achiever for the rest of the day.

Sadly, post-partum depression is a phase that most new mothers have to go through. But, you don’t have to let it dictate your life. With these simple and natural tips and a little medical intervention, you can get your life back on track and get over the depression.