The latest in the world of period wear

thumbs upPeriods come with their share of trouble… tummy cramps, mood swings, back aches, dehydration and last but not the least, having to ensure that there are no accidental leaks or staining. Every woman knows that, no matter what the sanitary pad company says in their commercial and however well designed the pad or tampon may be, staining is inevitable and leakages do happen.

Well there’s one way to save yourself from the embarrassment and have one less thing to worry about during your period. We’re talking about period panties.

What are period panties?

Period panties are made using special materials that help absorb any leakages and also serve as a replacement for tampons or pads on light bleeding days. Some period panties hold upto 2 tampons worth of blood. So you no more have to waste time thinking about what outfit you will wear just in case you need to camouflage the leak when it happens. With period panties, all leakages will be taken care of. These panties also come with an anti-microbial technology that helps fights bacteria, keeping you odour-free and feeling fresh all day long. You no longer have to worry about ruining your sexy, lacy panties and laundry too becomes so much easier.

Will the material suit my sensitive skin?

Period panties are just as comfortable, if not more, as your regular panties. They are not bulky [don’t imagine adult diapers] and are available as thongs, boyshorts or bikinis. You could try Knix’s worry free protection. The seamless panties sit flat against your skin, thereby eliminating those ugly panty lines.

How do I choose the right period panty for me?

You can choose a period panty depending on how heavy your bleeding is and what comfort you’re wanting for the day. If you’re looking for extra coverage over the buttocks and a higher underwear, opt for the boyshort. This is a good option on the heavy days of bleeding. These usually absorb upto 2 tampons of liquid.

These leak proof period panties are reusable and easy to wash. An added bonus to using period panties is the money you’ll save from not having to buy additional pads and tampons. So give this a try and discover a new way of managing your period.