3 types of hearing aid accessories and how to choose them

We look at some important information about hearing aid accessories and how to choose them

Hearing is a vital part of our lives as it helps us interact with other people while staying alert to our surroundings. It can decrease as a result of aging, exposure to loud noises, and even earwax build-up. Today, there are many aids on the market to make life easier. Those who have impaired hearing have seen significant benefits from using hearing aids.

That is why the first thing you should do if you suffer from hearing loss, is to look for the best hearing aids for sale. As they’re used daily, hearing aids must be maintained regularly so they can function properly and last longer. Usually, the hearing care provider includes certain accessories along with the hearing aids such as transmitters and receivers, earwax filters, and charging stations. There are also other types of accessories that are optional and might require future purchases.

It’s important that you know which accessories fit your hearing aids as different models and brands of hearing aids require different accessories. In this post, we provide you with some important information about hearing aid accessories and how to choose them.

3 types of hearing aid accessories and how to choose them


Batteries are needed for the hearing aids to work. There are two different types of hearing aid batteries, disposable batteries and rechargeable hearing aids with charging stations. A disposable battery has a lifespan of about five days before it needs to be replaced.

A new hearing aid battery has a lifespan of five to ten days before it needs to be replaced. The life of the disposable battery depends on the type of hearing aid, the size of the battery, and how often you stream phone calls, and other sounds.


Hearing aid accessories conceptA dome is a silicone plug that is inserted in the ear canal and protects the speaker unit and helps the hearing aid to sit in place. There is a wide range of domes and your audiologist chooses which dome is right for you depending on your hearing impairment and hearing aid.

Since the dome sits in the ear canal, it’s important that it’s clean and replaced regularly. Typically, it’s recommended for the dome to be replaced once a month.

Cleaning Tools

By taking care of your hearing aids and keeping them clean, you ensure that they are in optimal condition to work properly. When cleaning your hearing aids, you need to think about which hearing aid you have because different hearing aids need different cleaning products. There are many types of cleaning tools you can use to clean your hearing aid at home and some include a tube, a wax removal brush, and wax filters.

A wax filter is, as the name suggests, a small filter that will protect your sensitive hearing aid from ear wax entering the sensitive equipment. If you have an in-ear device where your entire hearing aid is in the ear, there is a small white plop at the far end of the hearing aid which is a wax filter. There are different wax filters and types and therefore you must find out which wax filter fits your hearing aid. We recommend that you change the wax filter once a month.



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