Make Your Workouts Smarter: 3 Simple Tips


Are you often pressed for time when it comes to your workouts? Do you want to make the absolute best use of your time to ensure the greatest results? Nowadays everyone is busy so it can be hard to stick to your workout schedule, but the desire to reach your fitness goals is probably strong. So, rather than increasing the number of workouts you do, how about making your workouts smarter? Working out smarter is something that many fitness enthusiasts embrace and you can do it too with these three simple tips.

Give HIIT a Try

The first thing that workout enthusiasts will tell you when trying to workout smarter is to give HIIT a try (high-intensity interval training). This style of workout will have you giving your maximum performance for short periods. It will quickly increase your heart rate, you will build strength and endurance and you’ll be burning lots of calories and fat. In a HIIT workout, you will create a circuit and then repeat it many times. In between the completion of each circuit, you will take a break for one minute. This cycling between high intensity and short breaks can garner incredible results.

Boost Your Performance with Supplements

Another way to make your workouts smarter is to boost your performance. If you have more energy, more stamina and endurance then you can handle a more intense workout session. This is why you may want to look into supplements such as creatine, Turkesterone and melatonin to help give you energy, repair muscles faster and ensure you give each workout all you are capable of. You can learn more at

It’s important to note that depending on the supplement you choose, the results may not be immediate. It may take time for it to build, so be patient and stay consistent.

Is Your Diet Benefiting You?

While working out is an important aspect of getting in shape, your diet also plays a big part. Ask yourself if your current diet and food choices are benefiting you or holding you back. By changing what you eat, the portion sizes and when you eat, you can start to get better results.

Here are some diet-specific tips:

  • Make sure you fuel your body before and after a workout. This will ensure that your workout is more effective and successful, i.e., a smarter workout.
  • To increase your body’s performance it is recommended you eat 90 minutes before your workout and it should be a combination of good fats, protein and carbohydrates.
  • Post-workout meals should be 45 minutes after you train and consist of protein and carbs.
  • Make energy bars that can act as fuel in the afternoon. Just be sure they contains 3 grams or less of fiber so that they don’t bother your stomach before a workout.
  • Snack smart and choose items that can be digested easily, such as a banana.
  • Grill your meat and fish – it’s a healthier alternative.
  • Embrace fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • Water is your best choice when it comes to beverages. Go easy on caffeine, high-sugar drinks and alcohol.

As you make adjustments to your diet you may find it helpful to keep a food journal or use a tracking app. This will ensure you’re sticking to a specific calorie count each day, and you can even break down the nutritional value of items.

All of these tips will help you to work out smarter, thereby giving you better results in a shorter amount of time. There is no better way to stay motivated and on track than by seeing results.

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