LP299V is an effective treatment for IBS 

There is a broad range of clinically proven evidence that shows that LP299V® can alleviate IBS symptoms

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One of the star performers within Sons’ Gut Health Supplement rel=”dofollow sponsored”> is the probiotic strain known as LP299V®. Its primary role is to improve the health of your gut, which then contributes to your overall feelings of wellbeing.

There is a broad range of clinically proven evidence that shows that LP299V® can alleviate IBS symptoms, and a new study serves as a meta-analysis of the effectiveness of the probiotic strain is extremely promising. Let’s find out why LP299V® is integral for the health and wellbeing of your gut.

Safe and efficient treatment for IBS

LP299V® is one of the only probiotic strains that has consistently indicated its usefulness as an IBS treatment. A recent study has confirmed this, following its publication in the EClinicalMedicene Journal in November 2021. The study was undertaken to discern the precise probiotic strains that treat Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) in a way that is safe and efficient.

The European Society for Pediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition (ESPGHAN) and the American Gastroenterology Association (AGA), have both concluded that only probiotics that have undergone at least two randomised, controlled trials (RCTs) can claim efficacy in treating IBS. What’s more, the bodies suggest that only sub-groups of indistinguishable probiotic strains should be used to determine whether or not the treatment is effective. As far as the new study is concerned, researchers only used RCTs conducted using probiotics that have no less than one IBS outcome in common.

Led by Lynne V. McFarland PhD, a team of researchers completed the ground-breaking study that truly opened our eyes to the range of benefits of LP299V®. The researchers were tasked with screening a total of 521 studies, which led to 42 RCTs fulfilling the requirements. Five studies were found to be using LP299V® following a further systematic review conducted by the researchers.

Following on from this, the RCTs were screened on the most likely outcomes from IBS trials, which they regarded as reduced pain in the abdomen. One of the probiotics found to bring about this outcome was LP299V®.

A healthy gut is crucial for good health

As confirmed in the research, it was discovered that ‘six single-strain probiotics (including LP299V®) showed significant improvement in at least one IBS outcome measure.’The fact that multiple strains can bring about an alleviation in IBS symptoms is an exciting breakthrough and enhances our knowledge and understanding of how best to treat the common issue.

Ultimately, there’s absolutely no question that a healthy gut is central to a healthy lifestyle, and it contributes to your mental and physical wellbeing. When taken daily as part of a Gut Health Supplement, LP299V® is the probiotic you need to help treat your IBS symptoms. Be sure to browse through Sons’ treatment plans today to find the perfect solution for your current health needs.

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