How can your diet affect vaginal health?

Eating a balanced and healthy diet can improve your vaginal conditions and prevent infections like bacterial vaginosis

Did you know that certain drinks and foods contain substances that might improve your vaginal health and symptoms of vaginal conditions? These include prebiotics, beverages, probiotics, and fermented food. The vagina uses good bacteria, immune defenses, and natural secretions to maintain its health. Therefore, eating a balanced and healthy diet can improve your vaginal conditions and prevent infections like bacterial vaginosis.

The article will focus on the effect of your diet on vaginal health, how to control bacterial vaginosis by eating some food while avoiding others, and the appropriate treatment options. It is recommended to talk to a doctor before using a specific diet or treatment.

Balancing vaginal health

When you feel something is off or different down there, it is likely a sign of vaginal infections or your vaginal pH is out of control. A good vaginal pH should be between 3.8 to 4.5. You will feel a lot of discomfort when it is too low or too high. This does not mean that every woman should test for vaginal pH or bacterial vaginosis.

You should not worry, ladies. The vagina is designed in a way it can clean and protect itself. But, that should not stop you from practicing proper health practices like safe sex, regular gynecological visits, and good hygiene.

However, the easiest and most important way of promoting your vaginal health is through a proper and balanced diet. Below are some of the food that plays an important role in maintaining your vaginal health and preventing BV.

Food than help maintain vaginal health


Take pure cranberry juice or fresh cranberries to improve your vaginal health. Cranberry contains acidic compounds and antioxidants that fight infection. Therefore, bacteria will not adhere to the bladder wall.

The antioxidants vitamin C and E are essential in boosting your vaginal immunity to harmful bacteria. It is recommended to get fresh cranberries or sugar-free cranberry juice. You can take cranberry pills if you dislike the taste of fresh cranberries.


Probiotic-rich foods are good for your vaginal health, as shown by multiple studies. A good example is fermented foods like yogurt, which ensure a balanced vaginal pH and prevent infections.

The active and live culture in fermented foods provides good bacteria, essential in fighting yeast infections. Therefore, it is essential to seek more about fermented foods and learn to make them at home for easy access and a healthy diet.

High-fiber foods

High-fiber foods like legumes, nuts, seeds, whole grains, vegetables, and fruits contain a compound called prebiotics. Prebiotics are one of the favorite foods of good bacteria that ensure the entire body is healthy and balanced, including your vagina.

You can eat a single citrus fruit per day to help maintain your vaginal health and keep regular bowel movements. Including garlic and kefir in your diet will also help fight against vaginal infections. Also read Why you should load up on fibre

Avoid these to maintain a good vaginal health

By now, you already know the type of food to eat to have a healthy vagina. But you might also need to avoid certain foods to be on the right side as far as your vaginal health is concerned.

Excess sugar

Sugar promotes yeast growth in the vagina since there is a release of sugar-containing secretion from the vagina, encouraging yeast accumulation. In addition, sugar can alter your vagina pH levels, which is another way of promoting vaginal yeast and bacteria growth.


Excess alcohol, especially without taking in water, can dehydrate your system, including your vagina. As a result, it will be hard for your vagina to self-lubricate before intercourse.

Greasy and fatty foods

Fast food, especially with high-fat content, make your vagina health worse. High-fat food has a negative effect on the balancing of vaginal bacteria and is associated with a greater risk of bacterial vaginosis.

Treatment options for BV

Bacterial vaginosis develops as a result of natural bacteria imbalance in the vagina. When harmful bacteria outnumber good bacteria, you get bacterial vaginosis. Below are some of the treatment options you might opt for.

  • Lifestyle adjustments
  • Medical treatments with over-the-counter meds
  • Safe sex practices
  • Practice safe hygiene practices

Take supplements like:

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