3 reasons why sleep is essential for your health

Let us look at the three essential reasons why sleep is necessary for your overall wellbeing

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It is essential to get enough sleep to keep you physically and mentally healthy. When you think of all the healthy habits you have developed through the years, such as a healthy balanced diet, and regular exercise, you should always keep in mind that sleep is in the same category.

Unfortunately, most people take sleep for granted. Some are too focused on work that they forget how necessary a good night’s sleep is for their mind and body to function optimally. Others may want to follow a more regular sleep pattern but find it challenging to do so.

One cannot emphasise the importance of getting enough hours of sleep daily. Doctors recommend that adults get at least seven hours every night. But sleeping seven hours is not enough unless your sleep quality is good. Without good quality, restful sleep, you wake up tired, even after getting your adequate hours of sleep, and will not reap the health benefits that sleep offers.

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Let us look at the three essential reasons why sleep is necessary for your overall wellbeing.

3 reasons why sleep is essential for your health

1. You are more productive

Getting enough sleep is necessary to enhance your productivity. Studies have shown that workers who have not had enough sleep are more likely to get into accidents from their inability to concentrate on the job at hand. Employees cannot focus and become less efficient. Therefore, your body needs to rest to replenish the energy you spend during the day. After all, the body can only be at its most productive for a limited time.

2. Your physical health improves

To keep your body healthy, you should give it time to relax and recharge. If you are sleep-deprived, your body suffers various issues. You can become forgetful and have problems concentrating on things you need to do. Additionally, you may experience mood swings, and your immune system weakens, becoming more prone to infections. You risk high blood pressure, start gaining a lot of weight, and may even develop diabetes and other heart conditions.

3. You are emotionally stable

If you lack sleep, your temperament changes, becoming more irritable and quicker to anger. Because of this, your work and other activities are affected. You are not in the mood to complete tasks because you can’t focus. Furthermore, your relationship with co-workers and your loved ones may become strained. On the other hand, getting the rest you need allows you to stay calm and reason. You are also in a much better frame of mind. Lack of sleep impacts the body’s hormonal balance, pushing stress hormones to increase and making you feel anxious or depressed.

Thus, sleep is an essential factor in keeping your body and mind healthy. If you feel that you can’t get the quality and hours of sleep you need, it would be best to consult your doctor and find out what you can do about it.

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