Is Ibogaine a viable option for treating heroin addiction?

thumbs upTreating addiction is never an easy thing. And, although there are many specialized clinics and various types of treatment options within the United States, those affected by severe drug addiction are often not often able to recover on their own. Heroin is one of the worst addictions. The withdrawal can be so brutal that the addict has little option than turning back. Yet, with professional help, support from family and close friends, and the right treatment , those struggling with addiction can find the hope and support they need to live the life of success and sobriety that every individual deserves.

However, there is one approach to heroin addiction that does not get much attention. It’s called Ibogaine, and it’s a psychotropic substance that has specifically proven to be useful in the fight against heroin addiction. International studies have shown that Ibogaine treatment might be an even more effective recovery tool for millions of struggling heroin addicts than the current treatment programs that show high rates of relapse or simply replace dependence of heroin with other drugs.

And with drug use and overdose rates continuing to rise in the United States, the need for effective drug treatment alternatives has never been greater.

Brief history of Ibogaine

Ibogaine was first extracted and introduced to the world by French scientists in the late 19th century. The crystalline alkaloid, “ibogaine,” was isolated from iboga roots for the first time by independent researchers in 1901. And despite the early studies pointing out Ibogaine’s medicinal properties, like the ability to treat convalescence and neurasthenia, it remained an underground drug and never received any clinical recognition for almost 30 years. In the 1930s Ibogaine was used as a stimulant for its ability to enhance athletic performance, mostly used by Olympic athletes, until it was banned from use.

Then, in the 1960s, Ibogaine was discovered to interrupt heroin and opiate addiction. A young heroin addict named Howard was experimenting with any psychedelic drug he could find. He received Ibogaine Lotsof from a chemist and the rest is history. Howard realized that Ibogaine eliminated his cravings and withdrawal symptoms caused by his heroin addiction. After testing this hypothesis on a few of his heroin-addicted friends, Lotsof came to the conclusion that Ibogaine worked to treat heroin and opiate addiction.

But he was unable to garner the support he needed to study Ibogaine, under the patent “Endabuse,” properly in the US. Lotsof was forced to move to the Netherlands, along with his wife, where, together with the psychiatrist Jan Bastiaans (an expert in LSD treatment for survivors in the Nazi concentration camps), he was able to implement studies on Ibogaine treatment for heroin addiction. The studies were a massive success, Ibogaine continued to prove useful in eliminating heroin and opiate withdrawal symptoms, and many addicts were treated with this newly discovered method.

How does Ibogaine work?

Ibogaine works unlike other treatment methods for addiction because of its inherit ability to eliminate withdrawal symptoms. Many modern drug treatments simply rely on time to cleanse the body and heal the damage done by addiction.

But Ibogaine is able to interrupt the addiction. By renewing the brain’s neurochemistry, the addict is able to overcome their withdrawal symptoms and return to a pre-addicted state. And Ibogaine is almost specifically designed for heroin and opiate addiction. Operating on the same receptors that heroin does, Ibogaine resets these receptors and helps them heal from the damage done by the addiction.

But despite being such a viable option for addiction treatment, Ibogaine is still very underground. Addicts looking for Ibogaine treatment must travel to clinics outside of the USA, usually in Mexico, in order to get the treatment they need in a medical facility.

One facility, Experience Ibogaine treatment centers, says that the majority, if not all, of their patients come from the US, with a minor portion coming from Canada, the UK, and Australia. The reason? Addicts in these countries have tried everything else at their disposal and are looking for new approaches that may prove successful for treating their addiction long-term.

Is Ibogaine treatment an effective method?

Is Ibogaine a viable option? A look at many of the Ibogaine treatment testimonials in closer detail uncovers many positive responses from patients. Those who stumbled upon Ibogaine treatment often have good things to say. However, that is not to say Ibogaine is not without its risks.

Because of the health risks involved, strict prescreening and supervision are highly recommended by medical professionals, especially in the Ibogaine industry.

These prescreening and medical procedures help to reduce negative outcomes and reactions from Ibogaine that can make Ibogaine extremely dangerous. By taking Ibogaine in a medical facility, safety measures are in place to help addicts feel comfortable and safe during their Ibogaine experience.

This is why we cannot help but ask why Ibogaine treatment is not more closely examined and studied by the US medical community. Ibogaine may be only one option, but, if the claims are true, it could be a very effective method for treating addiction in the US. Patients have the right to know their options, and those struggling with addiction often have more to worry about with overdose than with Ibogaine treatment.

Ibogaine clinics and studying the options

Ibogaine requires medical supervision from a specialist who also must approve proceeding with this type of treatment. The patient must alsobe under special supervision during the process to ensure the desired outcome.

Like any other treatment, Ibogaine works for some addicts, but not for everyone. It all comes down to the individual and how that person responds to the drug. Taking the time to study all of your options is the best way to approach any new treatment. Ifyou are motivated and want to change your life for the better, and you put in the effort, addiction can be overcome.

Not all treatment methods will work for every individual.Sobriety is completely possible. Each individual life is precious. Take the time to help yourself of your loved on find success, life is worth the effort.