How Essay Writing Improves Your Brain Function

Before researchers and scientists discovered neuroplasticity it was believed that the brain cells cannot be changed. But now we know that your brain is pliable and you can make it function better or dull it’s performance. Your brain functions just like the voluntary muscles in your body. If you don’t use it, you lose it. So if you want to make sure that your memory stays sharp and you remain on top of your game, then you have to keep challenging your brain by regularly doing mental exercises.

Mental exercises can be of various kinds. They could involve solving puzzles, doing sudoku, relying on your memory instead of writing a shopping list, learning a foreign language, memorizing recipes, learning a new art form, reading more and of course, writing more. Let’s look at how essay writing improves brain and cognitive function.

Gets your creative juices flowing

Writing takes a lot of planning and execution. Choosing the appropriate topic, researching it, planning the flow of the article or essay and then writing it in a creative and lucid manner… all this takes a lot of mental work. You may have done your research well, but if your writing is not engaging, you’ve lost your reader. So while you are working on your content piece you are challenging your brain in so many different ways and putting to work different parts of the brain that are responsible for different functions. If you are facing trouble getting started, you could hire an essay writer to get your piece written and understand what makes a great essay.

Challenges your memory

In the current times, we rely more on our smartphones than we do on our own brain and memory. Due to this, we no longer feel the need to memorise phone numbers, do mental math or save vital information in our brain. Our smartphones function as our brain, except that they are outside our body. This is causing our brain to get lazy and could also be why memory lapses and diseases like Alzheimer’s is setting in at a much younger age. Essay writing requires you to stretch your memory muscles are you dig deep into the recesses of your brain to pull out facts about an event you may be writing about or the finer details about an experience you may have had. This helps your long term as well as short term memory improve.

Improves your world view

In order to write a good essay you have to first understand clearly what are your views on a certain subject. This will require you to do some introspection. Then you also need to be open to how others think about the same issue. Taking into consideration differing views broadens your perspective on a topic and then you are able to present a more well-rounded opinion on the subject. A well written essay has to be well researched, in order to present an unprejudiced picture to the reader. As you read and listen to other people’s views in order to write a better essay you improve your own world view. If you have ever bought a well-written essay you will know the effort that goes into writing a good piece.

Releases feel good hormones

Writing can be therapeutic for many. Let’s say you decide to write on a topic that is close to your heart or has some emotional significance for you. This can prove to be cathartic and help you to release and process memories and emotions that you may have blocked out or that may be holding you back in some way. Essay writing is often suggested as a recovery tool for those who have experienced trauma or are having symptoms of depression. Similarly, writing about a happy memory in detail causes the release of feel good hormones and that can be a mood enhancer. We all know that how we feel has a direct impact on the hormones released in our brain. So the next time you are feeling down or want to talk about something just bring out the paper and pen or open your laptop and express yourself in the form of an essay.

Essay writing is an art that improves brain function in so many ways.