How Elevations RTC Does the Best Job Keeping Students Interested

One of the biggest struggles for any residential treatment center is keeping students interested, engaged, and into the program from beginning to end. If they are not feeling positive about everything, the entire program can end up not being effective. Elevations RTC has modified their process to make sure that they can accommodate many different types of students, regardless of their issues or background. Having that adaptability is critical to ensure effectiveness across the board.

There are a few reasons why Elevations RTC is capable of pulling this off, while competitors have come up short. A look at the website shows that community is a large part of the program, and that feeling directly translates to real life as well. Like any community, students look towards leaders for particular guidance. Meanwhile, other community members help each other out to create a healthy, safe, and enjoyable environment.

Finding a perfect solution

The best way for any residential treatment center to have success is to find a perfect solution for each individual. There is not a canned approach that works for every single person, which is why Elevations takes time to understand each students needs providing them with choices in certain activities before they start to dig in.

One of the best ways to head towards recovery in the long term is to find a true passion. The curriculum at Elevations mimics any traditional school, but the activities outside the classroom can be a significant game-changer for some people. It effectively takes a lot of focus and energy off of anything negative, turning it into a positive passion that could be a hobby or even a career path.

Elevations RTC does an outstanding job letting students find their passion themselves. While teachers observe students and provide suggestions at times, it is ultimately up to a teenager in the program to figure out what they truly label as a passion. Simply presenting them with different options allows them to feel less limited.

Treating everyone the same

A lot of residential treatment programs strive for equality, but Elevations does a particularly outstanding job treating everyone the same. There are no labels on any students at the campus. This allows students to be themselves and more comfortable in their skin. When this happens, students feel accepted at a quicker rate as well.

For some, they are coming to Elevations RTC after facing less than ideal situations back home. The practices in place at Elevations RTC virtually eliminate bullying, putting everyone on equal ground. The program is a little different than what feels normal to some, but it is a step in the right direction for recovery.

It is a substantial challenge for so many teenagers to feel like they can relate to others. At times, it feels like a very lonely life in a traditional setting but having an opportunity to interact with others in similar situations can help create a lifelong bond. Many graduates of the program make lasting friendships that offer support years after leaving the program.

Small groups for better focus

Countless studies in education have shown that small groups are the way to go for students to benefit. There is a reason why the student to teacher ratio is low at Elevations RTC. Each student gets a chance to work with a core group during classes, and then they have an opportunity to interact with their peers around campus in other settings.

The purpose of the set-up is to keep Elevations RTC as close to a normal high school set up as possible. Ultimately, the transition back home is extremely important, and students should feel more confident in everything they have learned before heading back. Making a proper transition can help students avoid ever needing to go through the program again.

Feeling like a true community

An entire community is effectively adopting a student moving into Elevations RTC. As soon as they enter as a part of that community, they even receive responsibilities to do their part.  Students have different tasks throughout their time, which helps with development in a variety of ways.

The student jobs include relatively simple tasks that are like having chores back home. There is enough switching so that people do not become bored with what they are doing. It is also rewarding to see a community thrive with the help of every single student.

Is Elevations RTC truly the right fit?

Perhaps the best way to explain Elevations RTC is that they fit to students, instead of students feeling forced to fit to them. Having so many different ways to vary up the program to help out different personalities is genuinely remarkable. Every single person who steps into Elevations RTC has a built-in community ready to go, and it is always easier to get through tough times with the help of others.

It is sometimes challenging to paint an entire picture with words, which is why Elevations RTC encourages in-person and virtual tours for all considering the program. It is a great way to feel more at ease when sending a teenager away from home. In just a few months, the program can be a true lifesaver and game-changer overall for many types of individuals.