Fun and Creative Group Workout Ideas

fun-creative-group-workout-1Some people complain that they do not have enough time to exercise because they are too busy with domestic or corporate lives. On the other hand, some people complain that they get bored with their workout routines, especially those who do regimented, slow cardio exercises. Even if these people exercise in groups, doing the same routine every session somehow lowers the inspiration and the motivation.

It was found out that people who work out in a group are more motivated to finish the fitness class. You are more likely to tolerate pain when exercising if you are in a group.

How can you bring back the excitement and fun in group workouts? Variety is essential, so here are some creative and fun ideas for group exercises that will make getting fit more like kids’ play so you’ll eagerly look forward to your next session.

Explore the Outdoors

If you love the outdoors, here are a few ideas to get out during the weekend, work on your tan and of course, enjoy a good workout. You can go hiking with your friends. You’ll get a good cardio workout from all the walking and climbing. You might meet other groups of hikers and turn the entire thing into a friendly competition. Just be sure to bring plenty of drinking water with you.

If you are near the water, you can go kayaking. Even paddling leisurely will provide you with low impact workout – you burn plenty of calories and strengthen your core and arms in the process. Turning it into a fun race will have more impact on your physical fitness routine.

fun-creative-group-workout-2If you want something more strenuous, white river rafting provides you a more difficult but very exhilarating workout. Enjoy the health benefits from a water adventure during a weekend with your friends. You’re likely to burn about 300 calories during an hour of rafting while working on your core, abs and arms.

For your vascular health, biking is recommended. You strengthen your immune system and build your muscles. You and your pals also get to enjoy the scenery along the way.

Walking provides you with a good workout as well and it good for cardiovascular fitness. Inject fun into it by taking some friends and act as tourists, enjoying the sights on foot. Check out the foot-friendly places around your city and make a date.

Make it Cultural

Do you love to dance? Dancing gives you a good workout and provides you with lots of fun and laughter. You also develop a good network of friends. You can try various dances from other countries. You’re young and energetic? Try breakdancing. Zumba is very popular. Or you might try the more expressive and classic tango, or bhangra, a Punjabi dance. Dancing is a good cardio workout routine and relieves stress. It improves your flexibility and makes you feel light on your feet.

Have you heard of Bokwa? Even if you have two left feet you’ll be able to do this dance exercise. It involves spelling out letters and numbers with your body. You should also check out Buti, a full body routine that combines yoga, plyometrics and tribal dance. There are some fitness centers that offer Bokwa and Buti dance classes.

For your Mind and Body

Learning a form of self-defense does you good, as it exercises your mind and body. Get moral support by gathering some friends to learn any of the international self-defense disciplines like Judo (Japan), Taekwondo (Korea), Krav Maga (Israel) or Muay Thai (Thailand). You can also opt to join a Qi Gong class or a Tai Chi class. You not only improve your cardiopulmonary system but also strengthen your bones.

If you love the water, don’t just do laps in the pool. Have more fun with your friends by joining a synchronized swimming class. Check your local YMCA if they offer this type of swimming class. It’s great for strengthening your arms and legs, while giving your mind a great workout as well (memorizing all those movements is difficult).

Even if you live in a landlocked place, you can still surf, by joining a Surfset class. Check if there is one near you. It’s a great group exercise where you learn to improve your balance, increase your strength and burn calories as you go through a series of body weight exercises while you balance of a special surfboard.

Injecting some form of creativity and fun to your exercise routine helps you to stick with your workout, especially if you are with a group of friends. Go for variety and get out of your comfort zone by trying cross training, too, so you can be a well-rounded athlete. Even if go more for recreational exercises, choosing activities that allow you to do physical actions with your mates is beneficial for your overall fitness.